Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I am not one to sit and write a long list of unrealistic expectations for the new year. Who needs that kind of stress? I used to make myself crazy in my younger years by writing all the changes I wanted to make.By February I was crying about what a failure I was because I hadn't follwed through with a single thing on my list. This famous list looked something like this:

Get a boyfriend.
Ok, you can't just go out and purchase a boyfriend like you would a new pair of earrings. Relationships are complicated and eventually I realized that I didn't have any control over this resolution so I stopped listing it!

Lose weight.
Most of us put this at the top of our list every single year and one week later we order pizza and Chinese food in defiance of our unrealistic goal.I learned to be kinder to myself over the years. I found a diet last May that I could stick to and although it's been slow going, I have lost 35 pounds. I have a little set back every now and then but I have not gained that weight back! This is the first time that has happened and I am very proud of myself.

Travel the world.
Ya, ok, nice thought. Over the years I have gone to Israel-lived there for 2 years,Denmark-I spent Christmas of 1989 there visiting my dear friend, Charlotte for 10 days, and England-I went there for the first time with my mom when I was 19 years old since I worked for a charter travel company and then again in New Year's of 1989-1990 to visit my friend, Karen. That didn't make me a world traveler but realistically I didn't have the money or the vacation time or the desire to do such a thing. Why did I keep putting this on my list? It's just another mystery.

Try to be kinder to people.
Do you know what? I am kind to people even though sometimes people are just not kind.If this happens at work I try my best to help them and calm them down if they are upset or anxious. That's not easy but I always try to remain professional.
If I encounter a rude person in my daily life, my first attempt is kindness but unfortunately that doesn't work with some people and I will not be kind to someone who is clearly just a B*&^%. I may be nice but I am no doormat. Those days are over, baby! So,I stopped adding this resolution too.The truth is ....I like the way I am.

So what the heck did I put on my list this year? Well, here are my hopes for the new year.

To make time for more family time.
We had so much fun bowling yesterday and watching videos last night.Our schedules are hectic but as a family, we have to find time to be together. We are all going to work on this so we should be able to succeed!

Buy a house.
Ya, this is a biggie and we can't really do it until our financial situation changes but I am hoping that happens and that we have our own home again. This time I hope it's free of squirrels in the walls which is why we got rid of our last house!

To clean as I go along.
It was so easy to keep my mom's condo clean when Lillianna and I went to visit last month. Mom just picks up as she goes along so that's what I did when I was there. I have often tried to implement that simple strategy in my life but somehow one person slips up then we all end up making a bigger mess. Now I am determined to make this work and Lillianna is eager to participate. She made her bed and cleaned the living room wihtout me asking her to this morning while I was in the shower. I was so proud of her.

To continue to stand up for what is right even if it isn't popular.
This is not always easy to do and sometimes I think I should back down but I have to be able to live with my decisions and since I am a role model for my child, I will always choose to do the right thing!

What was your most important New Year's resolution this year?

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