Sunday, February 21, 2010

I do have a daughter,right?

February school vacation meant that I worked full 8 hour days instead of only 6 hours because Lillianna was at a friend's house and I didn't have to hurry home to get her off the bus. When Lillianna was younger I didn't work as many hours as I do now so I just took the few days of vacation off and we spent time together. Even if that were possible now, Lillianna doesn't want to hang with her mom. She wants to be having fun with her friends.

It's the normal course of things, I know, and honestly I thought I was prepared for it but it's still difficult. Lillianna and I spent Saturday night and Sunday night at Kara's last weekend and then I went home on Monday. Lil stayed Monday night too and Rich brought her home on Tuesday after work.

She slept at home Tuesday night.....hooray! Then I brought her to Emily's Wednesday morning. She slept there Wednesday and Thursday night and I picked her up after work on Friday.
Last night she went to Aneya's house for a birthday sleep over and Rich picked her up at 11am and brought Lil and Carly to Sarah's house for the afternoon. She finally came home at 5pm.

Lillianna had a blast all week and that's all that is important. At 12, I'm happy that she has good friends who she enjoys being with. I would hate to have a clingy tween who couldn't make a move without me. That would mean I failed as a mother and I never want to do that.

So, ya, I do have a daughter and I'm going to snuggle with her before we both go to bed. She may be independent but she'll always needs lots of love from Mom.