Saturday, May 31, 2008

I just wanted a phone without a cord

About 4 years ago our cordless phone broke. For some reason I bought an old fashioned phone with a cord to replace it. At first it was mounted on the wall but that didn't really work because I could only stand directly in front of the phone when I was using it. No movement was possible. That's when I pulled if off the wall and let it sit on the little table beneath it. This gave me about 3 feet of roaming room. Basically, I could reach the sink in the kitchen or possibly with a good stretch I could reach the microwave.

Yesterday, I went shopping for a new phone.
Lillianna and I went to Target and stood in the aisle where the phones were on display. They ranged in price from $20 to $200. The cheaper one looked cheap and the high end phone could basically mow your lawn if necessary.I just wanted a phone without a cord.

I read each description as I made my way down the aisle. One phone came with 3 handsets. You could use the phone as a child monitor or an intercom system through out the house. I'm in an apartment. What the heck do I need that for? My idea of a monitor is yelling in the next room,"Lil?" She yells,"What?" and I say,"Just checking." She's 10. That's good enough for me. As for an intercom,well,my voice travels.

I thought I could choose a phone without too much trouble but I was stumped. One phone had a built in answering machine but I already have voice mail through comcast. That would just confuse me. One phone was able to access the internet. I have a computer for that. I just want a phone that's a phone without a cord!!

Knowing that Rich was waiting for us in the car,I flagged down an employee who helped me choose my phone. It's just what I wanted. It does have a 411 Google button for information which I'm not too sure about but other than that it's a phone without a cord. Finally!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Little trampy pre-schoolers

Why did Beyonce go and create a clothing line for little tramps....I mean girls.
Have you seen the ads? check out this one.

Gonzo and Wendy Murphy were talking about this subject on WRKO this morning and I was stunned. Beyonce has created spandex,feathered boas and hoochie clothes for young innocent girls. Plus,she also has what every little girl should have....stilettos!

I want names of the mothers who are buying these clothes. Lillianna had a boa in her dress up box when she was younger and it could still be there but she doesn't tart herself up and wear it outside the home. I wouldn't allow it.

I don't even let her wear pants that have writing on the butt. She's ten. Don't be looking at my kid's butt!

I'm sure pedophiles are thanking Beyonce right now for supporting their cause. Go ahead and make the little ones look like adults. It's easier for the level 3 sex offenders to spot their prey.

I think this whole thing is pretty disgusting. Children should be children for as long as they can. If they choose to be a slut in their adult life then that is up to them. Any mother who buys this line of clothes for their precious little girl should be brought up on child abuse charges.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's almost over

I'm looking forward to May 20th because by then we'll be done with Girl Scouts,dancing school and Hebrew school for the next 2 1/2 months. YAHOO!
May is always a busy month but this year seems even more hectic.

Today is Lillianna's dress lesson at dancing school. Tomorrow is her last day of Girl Scouts so they're having a pizza party and a magician. Tomorrow night is our Lions Club meeting right after Girl Scouts. Saturday is her dress rehearsal and Sunday is Mother's Day.

Next week isn't so bad but next weekend I work on Saturday and then the dance recital is Sunday. Monday is our last Hebrew class.....then it's May 20th!!!

Once Lillianna gets out of school in June my work schedule will be horrible but I can deal with it for the summer.....I think.

Gotta run now and pick Lillianna up from school!!