Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do chickens really need these?

Over the past few years as my age has been creeping up on me, I've noticed that occasionally, I don't pay 100% attention to what I hear or see. My hearing and vision are fine but sometimes my mind is just elsewhere and my brain interprets the wrong message.

Yesterday as I drove by Kentucky Fried Chicken I noticed a sign that I thought said,
NEW CHICKEN DIAPERS! I was stunned. Do chickens need diapers? If so, why would they sell them at KFC? Then I took another look and it actually said DIPPERS not diapers.
Well that made more sense! I laughed and drove on by.

Two years ago I had my radio turned to WRKO which is a talk radio station. I came in the middle of a conversation but I found it intriguing. They were talking about the mating habits of rabbis! As a Jewish woman I hadn't realized that rabbis had actual mating habits but I stopped to listen and I was horrified. I couldn't believe that something like this would be on the radio.

Before they took a short break they announced that they'd continue talking about the mating habits of RABBITS after this message. Rabbits? Not rabbis? I felt like Emily Litella from Saturday Night Live....."never mind!"

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 2009!

Last year wasn't my favorite year but 2009 has started off on a good note.

Rich moved back in right before Christmas and things are great.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at Debby and Mark's house as usual.
Christmas Day at Kara's was so much fun and then her baby shower was 3 days later and it was a huge success. Everyone had a great time.

Kara will be 35 weeks on Wednesday and Charly Lyn is over 4 pounds now so Kara did really well with being on bedrest all this time. She is safe to have the baby any time now.We are all very excited and impatiently waiting for this child to arrive and join our family.

My nana always told me, "This is going to be your year." She said that every year because she was so optimistic. I do hope 2009 brings us all happiness,peace and prosperity. We really need a change.