Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do chickens really need these?

Over the past few years as my age has been creeping up on me, I've noticed that occasionally, I don't pay 100% attention to what I hear or see. My hearing and vision are fine but sometimes my mind is just elsewhere and my brain interprets the wrong message.

Yesterday as I drove by Kentucky Fried Chicken I noticed a sign that I thought said,
NEW CHICKEN DIAPERS! I was stunned. Do chickens need diapers? If so, why would they sell them at KFC? Then I took another look and it actually said DIPPERS not diapers.
Well that made more sense! I laughed and drove on by.

Two years ago I had my radio turned to WRKO which is a talk radio station. I came in the middle of a conversation but I found it intriguing. They were talking about the mating habits of rabbis! As a Jewish woman I hadn't realized that rabbis had actual mating habits but I stopped to listen and I was horrified. I couldn't believe that something like this would be on the radio.

Before they took a short break they announced that they'd continue talking about the mating habits of RABBITS after this message. Rabbits? Not rabbis? I felt like Emily Litella from Saturday Night Live....."never mind!"

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