Friday, December 30, 2005

I hope next year will be better.....

The end of 2005 was not the best for me. I am still struggling with lowering my blood sugar and blood pressure but I am happy to be alive and grateful to be well enough to have these struggles. That being said.......

Last Friday,the day before Christmas Eve, the back of one of my teeth broke off. It has a temporary cap on it so I didn't panic because I never chew on that side anyway. The nerve is dead so it doesn't hurt. I managed to enjoy the weekend holidays with the gaping hole in my tooth.

Since my dentist is on vacation, I didn't bother to call his partner who is covering for him. I saw that doctor once in the 27 years since I have been a patient there and that was plenty. He has zero personality and he seems to enjoy being a little bit mean. My own dentist is happy,funny,comical and loving and he does everything he can to not cause me pain. I like that quality in a dentist.

This afternoon I was eating a few fat-free potato chips when something didn't feel right in my mouth. I thought it was a hard piece of chip but I should've known that I'm not that lucky. My bottom left tooth had split and the outside was wiggling back and forth. Damn! I called the dentist's office knowing my dentist's secretary was there since she had called me earlier about scheduling my appointment next week for the tooth with the hole in it. She scheduled me in with the mean dentist for tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

That means I have to be late for job #1. I am usually there at 7:30am and I already called to tell them I would be late. I hope this goes well because I have to be at job #2 at 1:00pm.

I am concerned with why my teeth are suddenly breaking. I have had extensive work on my teeth over the years and they are probably just brittle since they are almost 43 years old. I just wish they would stop breaking. I don't want to look like a jack-o-lantern.

I hope 2006 will be a better year for me and for all of you.
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Traditions

I'm a little late posting this. You can read about our holiday traditions at DotMoms.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How did I get here?

Last night at 2:30am,(ok,make that this morning),Lillianna came in our room complaining of a tummy ache. Usually the reason is too much junk food before bed. Last night I let her stay up until 10:00pm to decorate the tree with Rich and I know she was nibbling on the yummy cookies my sister-in-law gave her.Those cookies look and smell delicious! *sigh*
Lillianna tried going to the bathroom but it didn't help.Her tummy still hurt.

Rich heard me telling Lillianna that I would go in her bed with her. He mumbled,"I'll sleep in her room. Let her stay in here with you." He gathered his pillows from our bed and shuffled out the door.

This morning at 7:35am,after Lillianna was dressed and I had made the lunches, I decided to wake Rich up. I stood by the bed and said,"Rich.It's time to get up." He opened his eyes and looked confused.He looked at the purple flannel sheet he was covered in and frowned. He looked up at the white ruffle canopy over his head and his eyes opened wide. He kept looking around the room with panic on his face.

"How did I get here?" he asked incredulously.

I rolled my eyes and gave him my best did-I-marry-a-moron? look and said sarcastically,"I carried you in here!"

He blinked and asked again,"How did I get here?"

At that point I got nervous and wondered if something was actually wrong with him. I sent Lillianna out of the room to eat breakfast.

Cautiously,I asked,"Are you ok? Do you really not remember how you got in here?"

Rich said,"No,I don't."

I reminded him about Lillianna's tummy ache the night before and slowly he began to remember. He said,"You could hand me a gun and ask me to kill the neighbors and I'd never remember it."

All I could think of was thank goodness I like my neighbors!

The thing that drives me crazy is that there have been many times that I have had a conversation with Rich in the middle of the night and he responds appropriately. He doesn't just grunt or mumble. He has whole conversations with me but he can't remember them in the morning.

Have you ever had this problem with your spouse?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Lillianna's poems

Lillianna finally decided to post something on her blog! She hasn't written in months.
Some college students from the local teaching college came into her class today to teach them about poetry. They will be doing this all week.
You can read Lillianna's poems here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A tale of two Disneys

You can read this post over at DotMoms.

I've been quoted on Yahoo!

Ok,I'm not quite famous but I have been quoted in an article on Yahoo. You can check it out here.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hey what?

When Lillianna was around two years old,we had to decide what words we would teach her for body parts. Most books said not to teach nonsense words because it may be hard for teachers or relatives to understand our made up words. I thought that sounded reasonable so I taught her "vagina" and "penis." Rich nearly had a coronary right there on the spot.

"I don't want to hear my two year old say vagina," he protested.

"What would you have her say,then?" I asked.

"Why can't she call it a "foo-foo"?" he suggested.

"You mean like little bunny foo-foo hopping through the forest?" I asked.

"Yes!" he said with great joy.

"Hell no! She will use the correct words and that's that!"

Rich was not pleased but I am the mom so the case was closed.

This morning,Lillianna wanted a bath but when Rich ran the water it was yellow. This happens sometimes and it's not harmful,so they say, but Rich didn't want to take any chances. He told Lillianna she would have to have a shower. For some reason it doesn't look yellow this way.Probably because you're not sitting in it.

When Lillianna protested and demanded an explanation, I heard Rich exclaim,"Because it's not good for your "hey nonny nonny" if you sit in that water!"

I was on the computer and started to laugh. Lillianna came in and threw herself on my bed in a fit of laughter. You gotta love that guy.

Did you teach your children the correct names for their body parts or did you choose to use other names? Why did you make that choice?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Two doctors' appointments

Well,I've been busy. I saw my primary care physician yesterday.I'll refer to him as Dr.B and I saw the GI doctor,Dr.K today.

Dr. B said my triglycerides are in the 300's now which is so much better than the 3,000 reading I got in the hospital. My blood sugar runs between the 120's and 160's which he is happy with for now but hopes it will eventually be under 120. He is pleased with my diet and exercise and referred me to a diabetic counselor so that I could learn more about what I can eat. I kind of have a fear of foods right now and I will only eat certain things so he thinks that if I learn more, I will be more comfortable trying new foods.

I had gone to urgent care right before my trip because I had that 8 week old cough and for some reason they weighed me. I asked Dr.B what I weighed at that appointment and then I did the math. I must've lost 11 pounds while I was in the chips for 4 days will do that to ya and I have lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks since I have been home,so that's 19 pounds. Gee,I only need to lose another 81 pounds.....woohoo! Dr.B was pleased with this too. So,I got a good report from him.

Today,I saw Dr.K. He is affiliated with Dr.B so he had my chart. Here is a bit of our conversation.

Dr.K: Your triglycerides are too high. They're in the 300's.

Me: Yes,but Dr.B said that was ok since they were 3,000 in the hospital.

Dr.K:(His mouth dropped open and he stared at me) Did you say 3,000?
Me: Yes.

Dr.K: I don't think that's right.(He flipped through the chart again.) Are you sure?

Me: Yes. I am quite sure. The doctors in the hospital were surprised too.

Dr.K:(He looked at me so strangely and said...) Wow! 3,000! People die from that.

Me: Yes I know. People keep telling me that.

He kept shaking his head and flipping through the chart. It was like he couldn't believe I survived. Sometimes I wonder about that too.....but here I am!!

In the end,Dr.K said he thought Dr.B was doing all the right things for me but he wants me to call him next Friday. He said,"I want to research this more deeply and make sure I am doing everything that I can for you." Sounds good to me.

So,all in all,I think I turned out ok after all this. Tuesday night,I will return to work. Hopefully I will get back into some type of routine and feel "normal" again......Whatever that means.