Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ya gotta love Judge Judy!

I just adore watching court room shows when people are pleading their case and in an attempt to look intelligent,they use a word incorrectly or just make one up.

I am now watching Judge Judy and there is a couple who asked a neighbor to watch their dog while they were away for 3 days. The dog was ill and wouldn't eat so the nice neighbor took the dog to the vet where he was diagnosed with a serious illness. When the couple came home,they refused to pay the vet bill.

The wife said,"I know this sounds bad but if our dog was so sick we would've euthalized it." Euthalized? I think she meant euthanized!

It just reminds me of Gilda Radner when she played Emily Litella on Saturday Night Live. She always misunderstood things and then had a fit about them. She ranted and raved about euthanasia because she thought it was about the Youth in Asia! She said something like,What is it about the young kids in Asia and why are they all killing themselves? That's all I could think about while listening to the testimony about being euthalized!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

That stupid Yoplait commercial

There are many dumb commercials on t.v. but one of the more irritating ones is the Yoplait yogurt commercial where the short haired brunette is a bridesmaid at a wedding. First of all,this brunette is a terrible actress as well being incredibly annoying. She's the one that can't just say her yogurt is "good" because heaven forbid the audience doesn't understand just how good that yogurt really is.

She has to go above and beyond and compare her yogurt to other good things.It's like finding a parking space in the front row good. It's like staying home from work good. Ya,ya....I get it. We all get it! MMMMMMM......your yogurt is good!

Now this Yoplait wedding commercial has me asking a whole lot of questions. If you haven't seen it,the brunette and a friend of hers are sitting all alone at an outdoor wedding reception dressed in hideous fluffy bridesmaid dresses. They have their feet propped up on a chair as they eat their yogurt. Of course they have to say how good this really is.

"It's like not catching the bouquet good!" (What's the point of catching the bouquet? You are so one dimensional. Your whole life revolves around your stupid yogurt!)

Then there is a comment to the effect of "It's like burning this dress good." (Hey....bitter woman,suck it up. Anyone who has ever been in a wedding has dealt with the dress whether they liked it or not. It's a few hours out of your whole life. Can you just stop complaining?)

"It's like getting out of these shoes good!" (I wore flat shoes at my sister's wedding and then ya know what? I put on my big fat white New Balance sneakers so that I could dance without pain. No one even noticed! So shut up about your dippy little sling backs!)

I'm curious to know why these 2 woman are all alone at the table. All the other 15 or so tables are EMPTY! Why is everyone else having fun? Maybe,all the other guests ran as far from the yogurt eaters as they could because they were complete fun crushers and whiners. That sounds about right to me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally......some good news!

The past few months have been so stressful. When Rich was laid off back in February he looked for a new job every day and finally found one in April. Unfortunately,the pay was less but the medical and dental benefits were great. I didn't realize how bad the pay cut was going to be.

We have had such horrible financial problems these past few months and the stress got to be overwhelming about 3 weeks ago. After having 2 anxiety attacks every day,I went to the doctor and got some meds to keep me calm. They've helped but the financial doom continued to hover over our life.

Yesterday,Rich found out he got the night job that he had applied for. This will be from 6pm-11pm Monday through Thursday and then he'll work 12pm-6pm on Saturdays. His day job is from 7:30am-4pm so he can go from one to the other. We are so excited. Now our life can finally turn around and we will be able to pay our bills on time and get out of debt!

I know the new checks won't happen for a few weeks but at least I know money is on the horizon and that will allow me to breathe without anxiety!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Inappropriate pool attire

Lillianna and I spent 4 hours at the pool yesterday. As usual,it was a very relaxing day. I had to crinkle my nose and roll my eyes a couple of times because people can be quite odd.

I totally understand if someone doesn't have a bathing suit and they have to improvise. Many people have gone into the pool in shorts or cut off jeans...whatever. I have no problem with that. I did have a problem with the man who was wearing thin,tight gray sweatpant shorts without underwear. When he got out of the pool,his shorts went up his butt and when he turned around,the shorts clung to his private parts. No one needed to see that.

I was thinking that his wife should've said something to him but then I noticed she was in a thong! She was in her 40's and had too much cellulite to be wearing a thong.Those two are a match made in bathing suit heaven!

The second offense was from a young guy in his early 20's who arrived with his girlfriend and another young geeky couple. I'm sure you're familiar with the milk campaign that photographs famous people with a milk mustache and the caption reads,"GOT MILK?" Well this guy's t-shirt had a stick figure on it of a personal nature and the caption read,"GOT VAGINA?"

As soon as Lillianna saw it she was horrified! She called me over to her so that she could report the horror. I knew she would see it. I told her that I had seen it and to just ignore it. On the way home she said she was hoping her friend Angela and her little sister didn't see it. She always so considerate of others. How could that guy think it was appropriate to wear that t-shirt to a public pool where there are little kids?