Monday, August 13, 2007

Inappropriate pool attire

Lillianna and I spent 4 hours at the pool yesterday. As usual,it was a very relaxing day. I had to crinkle my nose and roll my eyes a couple of times because people can be quite odd.

I totally understand if someone doesn't have a bathing suit and they have to improvise. Many people have gone into the pool in shorts or cut off jeans...whatever. I have no problem with that. I did have a problem with the man who was wearing thin,tight gray sweatpant shorts without underwear. When he got out of the pool,his shorts went up his butt and when he turned around,the shorts clung to his private parts. No one needed to see that.

I was thinking that his wife should've said something to him but then I noticed she was in a thong! She was in her 40's and had too much cellulite to be wearing a thong.Those two are a match made in bathing suit heaven!

The second offense was from a young guy in his early 20's who arrived with his girlfriend and another young geeky couple. I'm sure you're familiar with the milk campaign that photographs famous people with a milk mustache and the caption reads,"GOT MILK?" Well this guy's t-shirt had a stick figure on it of a personal nature and the caption read,"GOT VAGINA?"

As soon as Lillianna saw it she was horrified! She called me over to her so that she could report the horror. I knew she would see it. I told her that I had seen it and to just ignore it. On the way home she said she was hoping her friend Angela and her little sister didn't see it. She always so considerate of others. How could that guy think it was appropriate to wear that t-shirt to a public pool where there are little kids?

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