Tuesday, May 31, 2005

An unexpected day off

I usually work on Tuesday mornings but last night when Rich came home, he said something was wrong with the brakes in his car. Brakes always mean $$$$$$. I hate car repairs. I had to call my lead tech last night at home to let him know I wasn't going to be in work today since we were going to be down to one car. I was happy to have a day off but I knew there was going to be a price....and probably a steep one.

Rich and I brought his car to the mechanic and then I drove him to work. I just got the call I was dreading. The brake repairs will be over $500. I tried not to faint,cry or choke when the news was delivered. I think I held it together pretty well. Then I called and told Rich the news. There's nothing we can do except be grateful the car will be fixed today and that Rich will continue to have a car that runs safely.

Everytime I think we are going to be doing ok, a car breaks down.

Friday, May 27, 2005

My funny husband

It's a known fact that I love ice cubes. I usually buy one bag at a time but for the past couple of weeks I have been buying 2 at each shopping trip. This morning I went food shopping at 7:30am so that I could be back by 8:15am to take Lillianna to school. When I returned home, I called Rich on the cell phone and he came downstairs to bring up all the groceries. This is why I go shopping before he leaves for work!

As he was unpacking, he began to huff and puff over all the frozen items: waffles,2 pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (I had a coupon!),Italian sausages and hamburgs.
"Keep some room for the 2 bags of ice cubes," I reminded him.

"Two bags? You bought two bags of ice?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes, I bought two bags of ice," I said as if speaking to a child."Put it in perspective for G-d's sake. It's not like I just came home and told you I was having an affair!" I said sarcastically.

"An affair I could handle right now but not two bags of ice!" he said seriously.

This is why I always said I had to marry a funny guy. Rich has a way of making me laugh. Just so you know, he did manage to fit the ice in the freezer without too much difficulty! He always does.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary Kristy and Jerry

Today is Kristy and Jerry's anniversary. I have to guess and say it's their 15th. I could be off a year. I met Kristy at work August 13,1990 and she was newly married. Since that was 15 years ago....you can see where I am going with this.

Anyway, this morning at 10:30am I called just to catch up with Kristy and I was surprised that Jerry answered.

"Hey, what are you doing home?" I asked.

"I decided to take the day off for our anniversary," Jerry replied.

"Your anniversary?" I laughed. "I have your anniversary marked on my calendar and I'm sure it's not today." (As if he wouldn't know his own anniversary,right?)

It was Jerry's turn to laugh as he asked,"Oh? Go check your calendar and tell me what day you have for our anniversary."

I walked into the kitchen to consult my calendar,my lifeline to the universe.
I picked the phone up again and said,
"I have that your anniversary is May 26th!" I announced.

"That's right!" he answered in a pleased tone."And that's today."

"What?" I exclaimed in horror."But I didn't think that was today!"

Jerry thought this was quite amusing and continued to laugh.

"Well, Happy Anniversary,then!"

Jerry kept laughing.

"Ya, well, I would think it's funny too if this didn't happen to me!" I had to laugh with him. My good intentions are always so disorganized!


Singin' In The Rain

This morning, Rich kept whistling the introduction to, "Singin' In The Rain," over and over and over and over again. He never got as far as the actual, "I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain," part. He just kept whistling the introduction.

I took into consideration the fact that it has rained the past 4 or 5 days in a row so I didn't say anything to him at first. After about 15 minutes of this I finally asked,"Why do you keep whistling the beginning to 'Singin' in the rain?' It's not even raining today!"

Rich looked at me thoughtfully and then asked,"Oh, is that what it is? I didn't even know what song it was." Then he whistled it again and smiled. "It is Singin' in the rain!"

I just had to laugh. What else can you do?

What funny thing did your spouse do today to make you laugh?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Express Yourself

I have always loved cute or funny sayings. I remember in High School, there was a desk in my Spanish class that had the following sayings on them:

1) Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So why not get wasted and have the time of your life? (Please keep in mind this went completely against my way of thinking but for some reason, it always made me laugh.)

2)This is national sex week. Give til it hurts.

3) Dyslexics of the world......UNTIE!

I must say that overall, the funniest thing I ever heard was in Israel. I forget who I was mad at but one of my friends did something that really made me mad. I was 23 years old and at the time, many of my friends were guys who didn't have a lot of commone sense. So I could've been mad at anyone for doing anything!

I stomped over to my friend Pnina's house. She was married and had 3 kids and she was about 7 years older than me. Many times she was my voice of reason. After hearing my story, she babbled something in Hebrew. Seeing my confused face she said, "How I say in English?" She thought for a moment and then she explained, "It means, 'I wouldn't put sh** on their head. It's a pity on the sh**!' Now you see?"

I looked at her and then burst out laughing. I had never heard anything like that before. That totally described many people that I knew. The sh** was too good for them. I thought that was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my life. To this day, that is my favorite expression.

What is your favorite expression?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

We're a great team

Yesterday Lillianna got her hair cut. She was tired of screaming through the daily brushing of her fairly long hair and wanted a change. After the trip to the ice cream stand, we walked in to the local hair salon. Before the hair dresser took out Lillianna's pony tail, I took out her earrings so they wouldn't get caught in her hair. These earrings were Lillianna's brand new purple butterfly dangling earrings that I bought her for Mother's Day. They are very special.

I put the earrings in my jeans' pocket with my keys but I had such a bad feeling the minute that I put them in there. I didn't know why but I kept thinking I should put them back in Lillianna's ears the minute her hair was done. But I didn't do that.

We left the hair salon and went down the strip to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things. Then we went home. Before Lillianna jumped into the shower, I emptied my pocket on the dining room table. There was only one earring in there! *sigh* I told Lillianna that I must have lost it in the supermarket or in the parking lot when I took out my keys. I tried to put it out of my mind.

Right after we finished dinner I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to go back. The supermarket is only a couple of minutes from home so I told Rich I would be back in a few minutes. Lillianna,with her damp hair,wearing her Sponge Bob nightgown looked at me with excitement in her eyes and stated,"I'm coming with you!" I looked at her and said, "No, honey. You stay home. I'll be right back."
"No, Mom. I'm small and can see things you can't. Let me go."
I felt like she had to be there with me so I said ok and she changed her clothes and we went.

I parked the car in the same spot as before and we walked to the supermarket the same way that we had walked to the car. We didn't see anything.
We went inside the supermarket and walked to the check out lane that we had been in.
I was in the wrong lane but Lillianna said,"This is the right one,Mom. Remember, it was across from that little bench that I liked?" She was right. No one was there so I walked to the very spot where I had written my check and I looked on the floor. Under a ledge at the bottom of the counter, hidden away from potential stomping feet, I saw the purple butterfly earring lying safely underneath. I picked it up and shrieked, "I found it!"

Lillianna and I were surprised and ever so excited. "See? I told you I could help you!" she said. "Yup, you sure did. You knew the exact spot we were in and I spotted the earring! We're a great team,little girl," I said as I gave her a big hug.
Her smile said it all.

I saw a pooping calf,yesterday

Today I read this in News Of The Weird.

Not the Hardiest of Citizens: Windsor, Ontario, hair stylist Waddah (Martin) Mustapha was awarded the equivalent of about US$270,000 by a court in April after he testified that he became racked with depression upon seeing a fly inside a commercial bottle of water at his salon. Presumably, damages would have been more if Mustapha had actually drunk from the bottle (or even opened it). As it was, he and his wife vomited, and he required extensive psychotherapy for nightmares, loss of sense of humor, increased argumentativeness, lack of desire to shower regularly, and constipation. [Windsor Star, 4-23-05]

So, I was thinking.....yesterday Lillianna and I went with friends to the local dairy for some yummy ice cream. The thrill of going to this particular ice cream stand is that we can visit with the cows who were grazing in the grass. Sometimes,inside the barn,there might be a newborn calf,so we always check in there just in case. What a surprise! We found a 3 day old calf. Just as I was explaining things to Lillianna,Allison and Christopher, the calf started to poop a stream of green sludge. It's back side was aimed straight at us so we got a better look than we wanted.

Sherri,the other mom who was with me,is 9 months pregnant. She left immediately after she got a look at the pooping calf because she was on the brink of losing her lunch. We all made a quick exit and headed for greener pastures,literally.

After reading the above article I thought, "Hmmmmm, we were all grossed out by that pooping calf. I wonder if we could make any cash if we complained we were scarred for life?"

What do you think??

First Kiss

Genuine asked us to write about our first kiss and post it on our blog so here I go.

I was 15 years old and Eric was 18. Our moms had grown up together and on a visit to his house, we met. If we met sometime during our childhood,I have no memory of it at all.

I was so excited, when after this visit, his mom called my mom to say he was interested in me. "Yippee!" I thought. I was quite thrilled. He was a cutie and he was intelligent. I loved that combination. Our first "date" wasn't really a date at all. I was supposed to be babysitting for my sister,Kara,who was only about 3 years old at the time. Eric agreed to keep me company at my house that night. I wasn't sure what that meant but it sounded perfectly innocent.Afterall, what could possibly happen?

I was a little nervous because I had never dated anyone before this.I had liked boys and thought some were cute but that was about it.I was into hanging with my friends, school work, cheerleading and the school play. No time for boys.

I tried to plan out the night so Eric wouldn't think I was dull. My favorite game to play was MASTERMIND so I took that down from my closet so that I could find it with ease. It never ever occurred to me that an 18 year old boy would be interested in games, but MASTERMIND sure wasn't one of them! I wanted to look cute so I put on my brown dress pants and my off-white priest shirt with gold link belt and my brown shoes. It was 1978 and I was at the height of fashion!

When Eric arrived, Kara was still awake so we played with her until it was time for her to go to bed. I had put a bowl of pretzels out for a snack so we munched on those and watched a little t.v. He seemed to be getting a little bit restless so I sweetly suggested we play MASTERMIND. Apparently he was looking for any excuse to get me in my bedroom and he took advantage of that moment.

He grabbed me around my waist and he kissed me. I had never kissed a boy more than a quick kiss on the lips but Eric was doing some serious kissing and I felt goofy. I didn't have any idea what the heck he expected me to do. Then one of his hands rested on my butt and my eyes popped open in surprise. He never even noticed. He just kept kissing me and making all kinds of noises. All I remember thinking was, "How the heck can I get his hand off my butt?" and "Well, at least he doesn't have smelly breath. He smells like pretzels!"

That night, after Eric left, I wrote everything down in my diary. I never wanted to forget my first kiss.

Out of touch

I have a very small family and we have always been close. When my Dad died in September 1987, I became even closer to Mom and Kara. We all lived together until I married Rich. In the 17 years since Dad died, I have spoken to Kara and/or Mom every single day. Sometimes it's a quick, "Hey, how are things going?" Other times we have long conversations. Occasionally Kara will call me first thing in the morning to say,"I'm gonna be wicked busy today so I won't have time to call you." See, that's how close we are. She calls me to tell me she won't have time to call me! Now,that's love.

If Kara is in Maine and Mom and I can't reach her by phone, Mom and I end up chatting a little longer than usual. We don't plan that but it just happens. If Mom is on vacation, Kara and I talk every day or at the very least we email each other if she is swamped with paper work or has people coming in to apply for a mortgage. There is a sense of comfort that we get from our check-ins.

Which leads me to how horrible the past 7 days have been for me. Mom and Kara left last Saturday for a trip to Aruba. They were told there would be no reception there so they didn't bring their cell phones. They bought a calling card for $17 for 30 minutes but it was to call Peter and John (their significant others). They did call us on Thursday night but I was at work and Lillianna was out with Rich. Their message on our voice mail made me cry.I miss them! I feel disconnected. We have never gone this long without talking in the past 17 years.Thank G-d they'll be home tonight and that we'll be together tomorrow night for dinner.We have a lot of catching up to do.

How often do you talk to your family?

Friday, May 20, 2005

An unexpected visit

Kristy and I haven't seen or talked to each other for over a week due to our busy and often conflicting schedules. I called her this morning at 9:00am but she wasn't home. At 9:45am she called me and said she was stopping over for a visit. We had two hours together to chat and catch up. It was great and so very unexpected.

Do yourself a favor today. Call or visit a friend you haven't talked to in a while. It will make you both happy!

Thanks Kristy!!

A bad PMS morning

I have heard it said that Lizzie Borden killed her parents during PMS. Ya,I can totally see that. Hormones are perplexing things. They make a sane woman act irrationally at times. I guess that's what happened to me today.

Rich told me to set the alarm for 6:30am. He was going to get up early and do the laundry. (It's dog eat dog in our apartment laundry room so he had to get up earlier than normal to get a washer.) When the alarm went off, I tapped Rich and told him it was time to get up. He mumbled something that sounded like, "I want to eat my shoe with rice," but I think he said, "I didn't get any sleep last night." I'm not sure.Then he asked if I had enough clean clothes for the day. When I said that I did, he put 2 pillows over his head and continued sleeping.The bottom line was, he was not getting up any time soon.

I hauled my tired body out of bed and went to take my shower. I got dressed, dried my hair and went into the bedroom to glare at my sleeping husband. Out cold! Damn him! I'm tired too, you know. It was 7:15am.
I got Lillianna her clothes,gave her breakfast,combed her hair and put it up in a ponytail then I went and glared at Rich some more.

"Ok, YOU! It's Eight o'clock.I think you need to get up now!!" I said in a not so loving way. Rich mumbled something and he got out of bed. I informed him that after I dropped Lillianna off at school at 8:20am, I was going food shopping and would be home before 9:00am so that he could carry up the bags of groceries. Oh, how he loves that!

Shopping was stressful because I only had 15 minutes to shop and I forgot a bunch of things since I went in without a list. No time to write one this morning. All Lillianna mentioned was, "Don't forget the Sunny Doodles!" Ya, I got those.
I got home at 8:50am and Rich came downstairs to meet me.

He popped his bagel in the toaster while I ran around making his lunch. Then, sensing my stress and tension, he did what any eight year old,uhm, excuse me, thirty eight year old would do. He put his finger near my face and in a little boy voice said,"I'm not touching you." I continued to make his sandwich and he kept trying to make me laugh but I had a blaring headache and no patience so I did what any other PMS stricken woman would do. I punched him in the stomach.
He said I hit like a girl but he doubled over clutching his stomach. OOOOOOPS!
Well, the moral of the story is, don't piss off the wife!

Are you bothered by PMS?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gay bashers protest 12 year old's winning essay

What kind of world do we live in? A 12 year old girl writes a winning essay about a woman in history and now her school will be invaded by angry protesters. Oh,did I mention that this girl wrote about Ellen DeGeneres? My goodness! What was she thinking? We all know that Ellen is (please say in hushed tones)a lesbian! I know. It's hard to believe but Ellen has openly declared her attraction to women. How could anyone admire such a person? Apparently that is what the angry mob is wondering.

Gay bashers are coming from other states to protest at the middle school.
On the news yesterday, the principal said the essay won based on the student's writing not on the subject matter.
I say, "Who gives a rat's ass?" and I mean that sincerely.

She won. Everyone say it with me, "Yay!" Most people would congratulate this girl but oh no......let's jump on the gay bashing bandwagon and make a mountain out of a mole hill, shall we? G-d knows we don't have enough to worry about!

Well, there's the war in Iraq, people are flying into the U.S.A who are on a "no fly" list but they still make it to Maine. The whole object of being on this list is so that these people DON'T GET ON THE PLANE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Fathers are killing their precious children on a whim. Husbands are killing their pregnant wives and lying about it. Parents are beating their children. Children are doing drugs.......the list is endless if you think about it. But let's not think about that. Instead,let's drive thousands of miles to go scare the crap out of the whole middle school with this ridiculous protest. 'Cuz golly gee, that sounds like a good way to spend my time.

The bottom line is, life is short.....too short. I don't care what religion you are. I don't believe that G-d is a judgemental and vindictive entity. I believe that He/She is pro-love and kindness. That's all. Now I am not asking you to support the gay community. That's an individual choice.But is picketing and protesting at a middle school an appropriate response to a 12 year old's winning essay about a woman in history who just happens to be a lesbian?

I don't think so. Do you?

A family weekend.....at last!

You can read my latest post over at DotMoms.

Having a weekend off was so much fun! Why can't we just hit the lottery so that I can have every weekend off?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My right....your left

I'd like to think I am a fairly intelligent person. I have been working in an ophthalmology practice for the past 15 years. I have a complete understanding of where your eyes are located, I really do. So, when you are telling me your complaints,just tell me which eye on your body is bothering you and leave me out of it!

I can't tell you how many patients say, "My right eye is blurry. Well, my right,your left." How did my eyes get involved in this patient's story? I don't even know these people. Even if I am standing face to face with you, I know your right is on my left side and your left eye is on my right side. It's really so simple that I can't say I ever think about it until a patient makes such a mountain out of a molehill that I don't even know what the heck they are talking about.

"You see,my right eye, well your left eye was bothering me at first but then my left eye,I mean my right eye,.....no, you're right eye....my left eye....." Come on people. Let's keep it simple, ok? Don't try to make it easier for me...you just can't do it. You try my patience and make me want to bolt out of the exam room.

Now, whatever you do,don't tell me you have a pig stye on your right eye, my left eye or I will be forced to kill you.

Things that bugged me this week

Yesterday, on my way to work, I started thinking about the things that bugged me this week. There are a lot of petty annoyances in everyone's daily life and we just shake them off because in the scheme of things,they really don't matter.
That being said, here's my list:

1)Lillianna got her class picture back last week. Usually the picture is taken indoors with the children in two rows. The first row sits on chairs. The back row stands. If there are a lot of children some of them sit on the floor in front.
Apparently this year, the photographer wanted to do something different. This picture was taken outside on a wooden playground jungle gym of some sort. The kids are all squinting because the sun is blaring in their eyes. They are spread out all over this wooden thing so they look like ants because they are so far away.
It is the worst picture I have ever seen!! Of course I already paid for it and I don't have the heart to return it because Lillianna wants a class picture.

2)I got my hair cut on Tuesday and when my hairdresser, Karen, styled it, it was exactly what I wanted. I was thrilled. Two days later and I still can't make it look like anything other than a bird's nest.The wind hasn't helped but the 'poof' Karen added has poofed out for me. I look like a ragamuffin!!

3)When we moved 2 years ago I lost my video camera battery charger in the move. Now I am trying to replace it so I can charge my battery to videotape Lillianna's dress rehearsal on Saturday. Ya, I waited til the last minute so I kind of pissed myself off!

4)I made my favorite chicken piccata last night and I ate way toooooooooo much broccoli. I couldn't help it. I love sauteed broccoli. My stomach hurt so much I thought I would drop dead. You'd think I would learn to eat broccoli in moderation........NOPE!

What bugged you this week?

Monday, May 09, 2005

The fear of empty ice cream boxes

I don't want to sound unsympathetic, but apparently Lillianna and Rich have a fear of empty ice cream boxes. That has to be the reason that they don't remove them from the freezer.I can't tell you how many times I have reached for a popsicle or fudgesicle only to realize the box is completely empty but it's still sitting on the shelf giving the illusion that there is still a frozen treat in there.

The other day I reached for an ice cream and realized it was empty. I haven't mentioned it to anyone yet because I am trying to figure out just when they may address this issue. Well, it's been 3 days now and the empty box is still sitting there on the top shelf in plain sight. Clearly this is not a big issue. It's just another one of those things that makes me shake my head and laugh.

Does your family have a fear of empty ice cream boxes?

Animal cruelty

I couldn't believe the story that I saw on the news this morning. A man was walking by some adult and baby geese. (Is it a gaggle of geese?) Anyway, one of the adult geese hissed at this man which apparently caused the man to fall down.
Here's the story from Fox25.com

Man Accused of Killing Geese in Angry "Rampage"

(05/09/05) — A Rhode Island man who allegedly stomped a Canada goose and five goslings to death in Attleboro over the weekend goes to court today on animal cruelty charges. John Sanders says he felt threatened by the geese. Police say Sanders — an industrial engineer — was walking on property owned by Texas Instruments Saturday when he slipped and fell in the mud after the adult goose hissed at him.

According to the police report, Sanders — angered by his fall — got up and began a "rampage," chasing and kicking the geese. The North Kingston man told The Boston Globe by telephone that he's "heartbroken" over what happened, and that he's not a callous person. He says he felt threatened because the geese were acting aggressive and moving toward him, hissing and beating their wings.

Ok, quick quiz now. If you were in this situation, what would you have done?

A.) Get up and walk away.
B.) Get up, give the goose the evil eye and walk away.
C.) Get up, shake it off and laugh, "Well, that's a goose for ya," and walk away.
D.) Get up, chase after the offensive goose and then stamp 5 goslings into the ground, killing the goslings and injuring the adult goose so badly that it had to be euthanized?

Well, this moron chose option "D"! Can you believe this??????

When my sister Kara was 4 years old and I was 16, I always took her to the park to feet the ducks and geese. One time a goose hissed at her and Kara literally jumped off the ground and into my arms.She was terrified.We slowly walked away and we went to a different area. I didn't turn on the goose and kill it! When does that even become an option?

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for this man? Do you think it was ok for him to kill the geese?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.
A special wish goes out to my dear friend,Cheryl, who is days away from giving birth to her first child,Lincoln.
I hope you all have a day filled with laughter and love.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hot Feet

Last night,as usual,I went to bed before Rich did. At some point I woke up in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if he was just getting into bed or he happened to wake up suddenly but he sweetly said, "It was kind of cold in here so I put another blanket at the foot of our bed so our feet will be warm."

To most people that would sound like such a loving thing to do but I HATE HOT FEET!
I was too groggy to complain but I stuck a foot out of the bed to cool things down a bit. When I woke up at 5am the blanket was in a heap on the floor. Oooops. Now how did that happen?

Do you like your feet to be hot or cold when you sleep?

Mother's Day Presents

When Lillianna was 2 1/2 years old,I wished for a noodle necklace for Mother's Day. I figured this was a good age for her to start making me presents.I didn't share my thoughts with anyone and looking back, I think I should have.Rich is an artist. I imagined that while I was at work on a Saturday (this is back when I only worked 6 hours on Saturdays and not the entire weekend!) he would help Lillianna paint some pasta and then string it into a beautiful necklace for me. I couldn't wait to wear this wonderful piece of jewelry.

When I opened my present on Mother's Day, I was surprised to find an addition to my fairy collection. Now don't get me wrong, I adore my fairies, but I had my heart set on a noodle necklace! I looked up at Rich.He was clearly confused by my lack of enthusiasm and of course, I didn't want to hurt his feelings but I sadly sad,"I wanted a noodle necklace!" He just stared at me. "A what?" he asked. I explained my hopes and dreams of pasta jewelry. He explained that he had no idea that I wanted a noodle necklace and that the thought of Lillianna making anything for me at 2 1/2 years of age never crossed his mind. I thanked him for my fairy but the loss of noodles stayed with me.

Luckily, once Lillianna went to pre-school,I have been overwhelmed with homemade gifts. Her hand prints with a poem hang in our dining room. There are two of those.We take out her Christmas throw rug with one red footprint and one green footprint on it. Those feet look so tiny now but they looked to be just the right size when she first made it! My,how time flies.

The pin she made in pre-kindergarten is something I wear every Mother's Day, although I do try to wear it throughout the year because it's just gorgeous. Lillianna picked out all the stones and rosebuds herself and then Miss Mary hot glued them on the plastic pin. It's mostly purple since that is my favorite color and I adore it.

This past Monday, Lillianna made me a big bucket of silk flowers in her Brownie troop. She chose the flowers herself which always makes me smile. I am thrilled that the flowers are silk because I kill real plants and now I will be able to keep this forever.

Yesterday,when Lillianna got home from school,she told me not to look because she was going to hide my present. After dinner she ran into the living room with my gift. In her little excited voice she said,"Mom! I just can't wait any longer. I have to give you your present." I had to laugh. She is so like me in this way. I can never wait either.

She presented me with a baby food jar filled with bath salts that she made in school. The jar was decorated in purple material with a purple flower on top. I knew she could choose the scent of the bath salts herself and I was secretly hoping she didn't go with the purple theme and make them smell like lavender or lilac which I hate! I opened the jar and sniffed the salt. Ahhh.....I was suddenly on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand. Now, how did I get here?
"Mom! Open your eyes!" Lillianna ordered. I could barely follow her request.My lids felt so heavy.I was suddenly so relaxed. "What scent is this?" I asked.
"It's pina colada," she said smiling. Then she burst into song, "If you like pina coladas..... and getting caught in the rain...." Leave it to my 7 year old to know a 70's song.

I gave her a big hug and thanked her for this fantastic gift. She said,"I know you don't take baths,but maybe you could smell it every day." I told her I definitely would. And that's just what I did before I left for work this morning. It was lovely.

What was the first gift your child made for you?

Girl Talk

I am way behind on my blogging! My newest DotMom's post was on May 3rd but here I am 4 days later and I am just getting around to posting it on my own blog.
You can read Girl Talk here.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Is selfishness and stupidity a crime?

I'm sick of hearing about the runaway bride. I guess now they are saying she is mentally ill. No one knew this before now? If she didn't want to get married and she felt like she needed time on her own,then fine. Go. But tell your parents you are going away. Do you have to make them suffer and think that you are dead? What kind of moron are you that you would fake your own abduction? I think she needs to be brought up on charges.

It should be illegal to do this and to waste all the time and money it took to try to find her when she wasn't really lost! The boy who cried wolf got eaten by the wolf!! No one has the right to put their loved ones through this childish behavior.

What did you think when you heard she wasn't really abducted? Do you think she should be punished?