Tuesday, May 31, 2005

An unexpected day off

I usually work on Tuesday mornings but last night when Rich came home, he said something was wrong with the brakes in his car. Brakes always mean $$$$$$. I hate car repairs. I had to call my lead tech last night at home to let him know I wasn't going to be in work today since we were going to be down to one car. I was happy to have a day off but I knew there was going to be a price....and probably a steep one.

Rich and I brought his car to the mechanic and then I drove him to work. I just got the call I was dreading. The brake repairs will be over $500. I tried not to faint,cry or choke when the news was delivered. I think I held it together pretty well. Then I called and told Rich the news. There's nothing we can do except be grateful the car will be fixed today and that Rich will continue to have a car that runs safely.

Everytime I think we are going to be doing ok, a car breaks down.

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