Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Spicy sauce

Sunday night, Rich and Lillianna had dinner ready when I came home at 4:30pm. They fixed up a jar sauce by adding hamburger and sausage and put it over pasta. Rich usually throws a little garlic in for me because I like my sauce to be packed with flavor. Other than that he is kind of a salt and pepper guy.If I want more flavor, I have to add it myself.

I took my first bite of pasta and was amazed by the flavor. "Wow! This is some spicy sauce! It really has some kick to it!!" I exclaimed. Rich and Lillianna exchanged glances across the table. I looked at each of them and waited for whatever was coming.

"I think that's my fault," Rich confessed.

"Daddy let me help," Lillianna explained. "I think I put too much hot peppers in," she sad sadly as she looked down at her plate. (She was talking about the shaker of crushed red peppers that she shook one time too many.)

"Too much? You can never put too much hot peppers in anything! It's delicious," I said as I shoveled another forkful in my mouth.

Rich took a bite. "WOOOOOOO! This does have a kick to it.......but it's really good!"

I thanked Lillianna for helping to make such a delicious sauce. I just finished the left-overs for dinner tonight. YUM!!!

Thank you to my dear husband for making dinner so that I didn't have to and to my clever daughter for adding lots of spice to our life!!!!!

Did you ever make a cooking mistake that turned out not to be a mistake at all?

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