Thursday, June 09, 2005

Me? On reality t.v.? I don't think so!

I received an email today from someone who works for Wife Swap. This person said she had read my blog and thought it was interesting and offered me the chance to apply to be on the show. When I got to work this evening,Bobbi said she had received the same email. This was probably sent out to every blogging mom on the planet but I wonder who would be interested in being on such a show.

There isn't one single reality t.v. show that I would be willing to appear on. I would absolutely never agree to switch lives with another woman for 10 days. First of all, it has taken Rich and I 11 years to finally get our act together. There is no way that I would allow someone to come in and mess that all up. Second of all, I would never let a stranger live with my daughter and start bossing her around. Hell no!

I find this whole concept to be absolutely bizarre. If you received this email, are you considering applying to be on the show? Why or why not?

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