Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Making a sandwich

Yesterday morning I was running late. Instead of making lunch for Rich and leaving it in the refrigerator for him, I told him he would have to make his own lunch. I always feel guilty about this but I leave at 7am and he doesn't have to bring Lillianna to school until 8:20am and then he leaves for work at 9:00am.

I sat on the edge of the bed putting on my sneakers and explaining to Rich that I was running late.

Me: Sorry,honey but I didn't have time to make your lunch. Can you make your own sandwich?

Rich:(using his best "moron voice.") Uh,duh,uhm....first you put the bread down, then,uhm.....then you put a slice of ham on the bread....then a slice of cheeeeeeese,right? (he looked at me with a big goofy face.)....then you put another piece of ham and duh,uhm,uh then another piece of bread! Ta-da. Then you have a sandwich.
And then,you put it in a little plastic bag to keep it fresh. Duh, I can do that!!

I rolled my eyes at him after I stopped laughing and said,"Ok, then. Thanks."

When he came home from work last night I asked, "Did you make a sandwich for lunch?"
He answered, "No. I had $5 so I went to Burger King for lunch."

So, where does that leave us? Do you think he really knows how to make a sandwich?

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