Saturday, May 21, 2005

I saw a pooping calf,yesterday

Today I read this in News Of The Weird.

Not the Hardiest of Citizens: Windsor, Ontario, hair stylist Waddah (Martin) Mustapha was awarded the equivalent of about US$270,000 by a court in April after he testified that he became racked with depression upon seeing a fly inside a commercial bottle of water at his salon. Presumably, damages would have been more if Mustapha had actually drunk from the bottle (or even opened it). As it was, he and his wife vomited, and he required extensive psychotherapy for nightmares, loss of sense of humor, increased argumentativeness, lack of desire to shower regularly, and constipation. [Windsor Star, 4-23-05]

So, I was thinking.....yesterday Lillianna and I went with friends to the local dairy for some yummy ice cream. The thrill of going to this particular ice cream stand is that we can visit with the cows who were grazing in the grass. Sometimes,inside the barn,there might be a newborn calf,so we always check in there just in case. What a surprise! We found a 3 day old calf. Just as I was explaining things to Lillianna,Allison and Christopher, the calf started to poop a stream of green sludge. It's back side was aimed straight at us so we got a better look than we wanted.

Sherri,the other mom who was with me,is 9 months pregnant. She left immediately after she got a look at the pooping calf because she was on the brink of losing her lunch. We all made a quick exit and headed for greener pastures,literally.

After reading the above article I thought, "Hmmmmm, we were all grossed out by that pooping calf. I wonder if we could make any cash if we complained we were scarred for life?"

What do you think??

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