Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mother's Day Presents

When Lillianna was 2 1/2 years old,I wished for a noodle necklace for Mother's Day. I figured this was a good age for her to start making me presents.I didn't share my thoughts with anyone and looking back, I think I should have.Rich is an artist. I imagined that while I was at work on a Saturday (this is back when I only worked 6 hours on Saturdays and not the entire weekend!) he would help Lillianna paint some pasta and then string it into a beautiful necklace for me. I couldn't wait to wear this wonderful piece of jewelry.

When I opened my present on Mother's Day, I was surprised to find an addition to my fairy collection. Now don't get me wrong, I adore my fairies, but I had my heart set on a noodle necklace! I looked up at Rich.He was clearly confused by my lack of enthusiasm and of course, I didn't want to hurt his feelings but I sadly sad,"I wanted a noodle necklace!" He just stared at me. "A what?" he asked. I explained my hopes and dreams of pasta jewelry. He explained that he had no idea that I wanted a noodle necklace and that the thought of Lillianna making anything for me at 2 1/2 years of age never crossed his mind. I thanked him for my fairy but the loss of noodles stayed with me.

Luckily, once Lillianna went to pre-school,I have been overwhelmed with homemade gifts. Her hand prints with a poem hang in our dining room. There are two of those.We take out her Christmas throw rug with one red footprint and one green footprint on it. Those feet look so tiny now but they looked to be just the right size when she first made it! My,how time flies.

The pin she made in pre-kindergarten is something I wear every Mother's Day, although I do try to wear it throughout the year because it's just gorgeous. Lillianna picked out all the stones and rosebuds herself and then Miss Mary hot glued them on the plastic pin. It's mostly purple since that is my favorite color and I adore it.

This past Monday, Lillianna made me a big bucket of silk flowers in her Brownie troop. She chose the flowers herself which always makes me smile. I am thrilled that the flowers are silk because I kill real plants and now I will be able to keep this forever.

Yesterday,when Lillianna got home from school,she told me not to look because she was going to hide my present. After dinner she ran into the living room with my gift. In her little excited voice she said,"Mom! I just can't wait any longer. I have to give you your present." I had to laugh. She is so like me in this way. I can never wait either.

She presented me with a baby food jar filled with bath salts that she made in school. The jar was decorated in purple material with a purple flower on top. I knew she could choose the scent of the bath salts herself and I was secretly hoping she didn't go with the purple theme and make them smell like lavender or lilac which I hate! I opened the jar and sniffed the salt. Ahhh.....I was suddenly on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand. Now, how did I get here?
"Mom! Open your eyes!" Lillianna ordered. I could barely follow her request.My lids felt so heavy.I was suddenly so relaxed. "What scent is this?" I asked.
"It's pina colada," she said smiling. Then she burst into song, "If you like pina coladas..... and getting caught in the rain...." Leave it to my 7 year old to know a 70's song.

I gave her a big hug and thanked her for this fantastic gift. She said,"I know you don't take baths,but maybe you could smell it every day." I told her I definitely would. And that's just what I did before I left for work this morning. It was lovely.

What was the first gift your child made for you?

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