Sunday, September 19, 2004

Calling all mommies.....calling all mommies!

My dear friend, Cheryl, called me last Monday night to tell me the wonderful news. She is pregnant. Cheryl and Jeff will be married 3 years next month and this was a very planned pregnancy. They are very excited. I needed 3 tissues to get through this happy news. They are going to be the most wonderful parents.

I told Cheryl that for the most part, women will tell her all the horrors of pregnancy, birth and the first 18 years. I never understood this phenomenon but it happens time and time again. I have a different plan and here's why I need all the mommies I can find. I would like to share good experiences with her and I am hoping you can help. If you have a wonderful story or a special secret about your pregnancy or your baby's first few months then please share it with me and I will send them all to Cheryl. Also, what was the one thing you couldn't have survived without the first few months after your baby was born?

My secret confession is that when Lillianna was a newborn I couldn't wait for her to wake up every 2-4 hours for a feeding. Some nights I would miss her so much I would pace the hall waiting for her to realize it was time to get up!! I loved waking up to feed her ,change her and snuggle her until she fell asleep again. I actually slept more during that time than I do now.

The item I couldn't live without was cloth diapers that were worn over the shoulder for burping time. Loved them!

Thanks for your help!

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