Friday, September 03, 2004

I don't think I will sign that, thank-you

Lillianna came home yesterday with the emergency contact sheet that always gets sent to parents within the first week of school. It had the typical information: student's name and address, mother's name, address, home phone#, cell phone #, same thing for the father.
Then it will usually ask for 2 or 3 contacts in case the parents can't be reached. Someone we would trust to go pick Lillianna up and take care of her until we could get her.

This year it states:
"If my child is ill and I am not available, please send him/her to person(s) listed below, by taxi, if necessary."
WHAT?????? My 6 1/2 year old daughter put in a taxi by herself, and sent to my friend Kristy who is 10 minutes away or to my sister Kara who works 1 hour away from Lillianna's school? Trust some unknown driver to safely deliver my sick child????? Are you insane?????? HELL NO! Don't you dare put my precious child in a vehicle and let her leave the school!

If she is seriously injured (G-d forbid) then send her by ambulance to the hospital but make sure someone reaches me or one of my relatives to meet Lillianna in the emergency room. I don't want her to be alone. Would you want your child to be alone?
I decided to fill in Kristy and Kara's name on my sheet with their phone numbers. I crossed out the part about the taxi and beneath it I wrote: "You may call the people listed above but do NOT put my child in a taxi!!"

The final bit of insanity was the fine print on the bottom which stated: "I will not hold the ( name of school) district financially responsible for the emergency care and/or transportation for said child." Ya, well if you put my child in a taxi for a one hour drive which I am not authorizing , I am definitely holding the school district responsible.

Would you have signed this sheet?

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