Sunday, September 19, 2004


Kara took Lillianna apple picking with Peter and his daughters, Lena and Bella today. Lillianna started to get a bad cold (sore throat, runny/stuffy nose and cough) on Thursday. Last night when I spoke to her from work she sounded quite congested and I didn't want her to go apple picking today since there was a torrential downpour last night and I figured the orchards would be sopping wet. I left it up to Rich and Kara to decide. Guess what they decided?

I am very happy that Kara loves Lillianna and enjoys being with her. She includes her in every fun activity she does with Lena and Bella. Lillianna adores Kara. I just wish Kara and my mom took my concerns seriously. I found out that Rich fed Lillianna Dunkin Munchkins and orange juice for breakfast. She ate 3 apples while they were apple picking. At Peter's nephew's 1st birthday party Kara offered Lillianna a piece of pizza but when she declined, had no problem allowing her to eat a piece of cake. So basically she has eaten sugar today. Good way to help her immune system fight off this illness.

During dinner Lillianna said that she and Lena had run ahead in some maze at the orchard while Kara, Peter and Bella were in the middle of the maze. There were hundreds of people there. I am not happy with 2 little girls not being with grown ups. I just voiced my concern to my mom and she said in a snippy tone, "I wouldn't worry about it. She's fine isn't she?" Then I said I was upset that Kara didn't try to feed her. Mom said, "She didn't want to eat. What should we do, shove the food down her throat?" I said, "No but I would've said if she didn't eat a slice of pizza then no cake!" I just asked Lillianna and she said if that was her choice she would've eaten the pizza. They don't even try with her and then they make it out to be that I am insane and overly protective.

Sometimes it's frustrating to always have a different opinion than my family.

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