Friday, September 10, 2004

Where were you?

Tomorrow is September 11th as we are all well aware. Since I will be at work from 7:30am-9:30pm I decided to post tonight.

Whenever anything horrific happens, we are always able to recall where we were and what we were doing at that exact moment. The day my dad died I was wearing teal shoes. When I got the news from my uncle over the phone I screamed and then threw myself on the living room rug screaming hysterically and my right shoe went flying across the room. I can't look at anything teal without thinking of that moment.

On September 11, 2001 I was driving Lillianna to pre-school at 9am. I heard something on the radio but I couldn't comprehend what the news guy was saying. Something about a plane crash? I got out of the car and brought Lillianna into school. Some of the moms were talking in the hallway but we still weren't clear what had happened. When I got back into the car I turned up the radio and began to hear as the horror unfolded. I wanted to throw up. I needed to be with someone to try to process this news.

I drove to Kristy's house which was only 5 minutes away and we stood dazed in front of the tv watching the unbelievable happen. We couldn't even sit. Who could sit on a comfy couch as people were jumping out of buildings knowing they were plunging to their death? Out of all the things I had seen in my life this was the most tragic and outrageous. Kristy and I couldn't believe such a scheme could have been successfully orchestrated by anyone. Hate and envy are strong motivators and our enemies were well equipped with both.

Three years later and our country has survived and become stronger. We have lost our innocence thinking we were safe on our home turf. The enemy lives among us and befriends us under false pretenses in order to kill us. We are wiser, I think, and I hope this wisdom is enough to win the war against terrorism.

To all those who died on this day, I hope you are at peace. We thank you for your courage and strength as you looked death in the face and still tried to save others. You will never be forgotten.

Where were you on September 11th?

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