Thursday, September 09, 2004

Five and a half hours...were does the time go?

Lillianna is in school every day from 7:55am-1:55pm. I leave to pick her up by 1:30pm so that leaves me five and a half hours to myself on a morning when I don't work.
Gosh, that seems like quite a lot of time, in theory. The reality is that it is now 11:08am and I feel like time is flying away too fast.

I ran to the supermarket as soon as I dropped Lillianna off at school. We were out of milk and no one bothered to tell me that yesterday when they used the last of it. I never drink milk so I rarely acknowledge the bulky bottle of moo juice on the top shelf unless it is my regular food shopping day. So, I went to the store for milk and bacon and came home to make breakfast.

Apparently Rich forgot to wake up while I was gone so at 8:15am I yelled, "You had better not still be in bed!" Rich staggered out of the bedroom sputtering, "I'm awake. I'm awake." (ya, right!) He plodded into the shower while I started breakfast and made his lunch.
Finally at 8:30am we sat down to eat breakfast. He kissed me good-bye and headed off to work at 9:00am.

I began to clean the kitchen then I stopped suddenly to check my email. Kind of like a cat when they stop and then dash into the next room for no reason at all. I just had to check the mail at that moment. Then I noticed it.....all the paperwork I had gathered on the ironing board so that I could go online and dispute Lillianna's bill from May that my insurance company refused to pay. Deep sigh. I scooped it all up and went online. More circles without an end and no resolution. I decided to write a letter instead. One hour later it was completed.

The phone rang and it was my mom. We chatted about having Rosh Hashana at her house next week. I told her I had to figure out Lillianna's birthday party plans by tomorrow when I get the invitations. I am trying to plan this on a weekend but I don't want to take time off of both jobs on a Saturday so I want to have the sleepover on Friday night. That way I can still make it to my other job at 1:00pm.

I got off the phone and called Papa Gino's. That is where Lil's party was last year before the sleepover. That's what she wants this year too. I was told that they only do kid's parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Ouch! My brain began to throb! Now what? Think! Think!

Then I called her pediatrician to schedule a well visit. That was easy. We go next Monday and no shots for a 7 year check up! Thank goodness!

Now time is a's 11:27am. I am almost done with this post and then I am off to straighten up for one hour,mark all new appointments down on my calendar, make my lunch, eat, pack up dinner for work and get Lillianna at school and then drop her off at my mom's so that I can be at work by 3:30pm.

Five and a half hours.........shot to hell!

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