Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The cave (a story from long ago)

I originally wrote the following story on June 5, 1992.After several bad relationships I thought I had finally met "the one." When he decided to dump me because I didn't golf (ya right..that's guy code for "I am too shallow to tell you the truth{whatever the hell it may be} so I will make up some crap and hope you buy it. I don't want to date you but I don't want to be the bad guy either so....I will just lie and hope it works.") I felt like I needed to put my confusion and fear of starting over into a story. The result was this inspirational tale called "The Cave." I hope you enjoy it.
The Cave

"Enter into the cave," the voice said to her.

"But I am afraid," she replied.

"How will you find the hidden treasure if you don't take a chance?" the voice challenged her.

"But the last time I went into the cave I was attacked by a bear. I almost died. The time before that I was bitten by a snake." she explained.

"This is a different cave. Go in. Take a chance." the voice urged her.

"I'm so scared," she cried.

"You'll never get the treasure if you're scared. Don't you want to be happy?"

"Of course I want to be happy but what if the treasure isn't there or if I get attacked by a wild animal?"

"But what if the treasure IS there?"

She took a deep breath and cautiously entered the cave.
"Oh, it's quite bright in here. Usually is is very dark. I'm not so afraid now." she said calmly.

"I told you this was a different cave.You just had to believe." the voice explained.

"Yes, but it's always so difficult for me..........Oh look! The treasure! See how it sparkles? It is just so beautiful. I can't believe how wonderful all of this is. I've never been this happy.All my prayers have been answered. I'm so glad I took another chance and went into the cave again.
Thank you for inspiring me to have faith. Now I have everything!"

She was so content that she curled up next to her treasure and drifted into a glorious dream of the future. While she slept peacefully, free from fear at last, the bear returned and ate her!

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