Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Lion King on stage!

Today Lillianna and I went with mom, John, Kara(my sister),Peter(Kara's other half), Lena and Bella (Peter's daughters, ages 6 and 4 respectively), Linda (Peter's mom) and Tom (his step dad) to see The Lion King on stage in Boston. I wish I could describe how this show was done but alas, my writing skills are not up to snuff in that area. It was a phenomenal and mind boggling performance. The actors were a part of the animals and characters they portrayed and it was such an awesome experience all I can say is try to go see it if it comes your way.

This was the first time Lillianna had ever seen a professional musical and she loved it. She sat in between Lena and Bella so I was 3 seats away from her. We actually switched all our seats around when 3 tall women sat right in front of us and our small children couldn't see anymore.
Lillianna's laughter could be heard through out the theater. She was really amused by the comedic lines which were definitely more humorous on stage than in the animated movie. The famous Timon and Pumba lines:
"What's a motto?" "Nothing. What's a motto with you?" or "What's eatin' him?" "Nothing. He's at the top of the food chain." Lillianna laughed so hard I thought she would fall out of her seat.

Even now when I just read this to her she is in hysterical fits of laughter! I hope she doesn't snort milkshake out her careful, Lil!

I was hoping Lillianna would write about her experience today but all she had to say was, "The musical was a hit!" I guess that says it all!

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