Monday, September 20, 2004

Today I wore a sweatshirt

I suppose that doesn't sound like such a big deal but for those who know me in "real life" you know that is quite an amazing statement since I am always hot. Well, not hot as in "Wow, she's one hot mama!" but hot as in, "Holy moly!!! Someone put the a/c on in here before you have to call 911 and I am hospitalized for heat stroke!"

I drive my co-workers crazy some days because we are in a small room with one window and I am always sweating in that place. I wear short sleeves most of the year and I am still hot. Poor Bobbi, she is usually wrapped in a coat and blanket when we work together because I am not satisfied until I make it cold enough to snow. She will approach my desk with her blue lips and chattering teeth and ask sweetly, "Do you mind if I turn the heat up a little bit?" I usually feel bad for causing her such discomfort and I reluctantly say, "Uhm, ok." As she passes my desk she says, "Feel how cold my hands are." I reach out and hold her hand as her eyes open wide in surprise. In her southern drawl she exclaims,"Damn! Your hands are HOT!"

When I took Lillianna to school this morning I put on my zippered sweatshirt. As we got in the car she said, "Mom, please, no air conditioner this morning, ok?" I answered, "Here's a helpful tip. If Mommy is wearing a's cold out! There is definitely no air condtioner today!"
When Rich was getting ready to leave this morning he asked, "Is it cold out?" I replied, "I wore a sweatshirt." No more explanation was needed. He grabbed a jacket.

Are you a hot or cold person?

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