Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Ice Man Cometh

I am addicted to ice cubes. Oh, I don't chew them but I simply must put them in every glass of water that I drink.(That's a lot of cubes!!) I buy 2 bags of ice cubes per week. Rich once said, "You know, it's too bad they don't make some type of plastic device in squares where you could add water and make your own ice cubes." I rolled my eyes at him and walked away. Who could make that many ice cubes in one day?

I just got home from food shopping at 11pm. I bought lots of stuff for the freezer and of course I bought my precious bag of ice cubes. When I took a peak in there all I could see was chaos: 2 containers of ice cream (on sale, buy one get one free!), frozen chicken dinners for Rich when I am at work and lots of other foods. Where the heck would my big bag of ice go?

Rich scooted me out of the way as he re-organized the freezer. "Trust me. I am the ice man! I will fix it for you." I watched in amazement as he made room for my bag of ice. I gave him a big hug. He said, "I told you I could make room for your ice. Now you can write about me in your blog." And so I did! THANKS, HONEY! You are my one and only ice man.

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