Monday, June 07, 2004

My very first post!

Well here it is. A blog of my own. I am not sure what possessed me to suddenly want to do this but some of my best decisions have been done without thinking about the consequences.

When I lived on a kibbutz in Israel from 1985-1987 I had a wonderful friend, Charlotte, who was from Denmark. We were completely opposite and I loved her immediately. She was just so impulsive. One morning at breakfast she convinced me to go on a 2 day trip to Jericho with her and 2 other friends. My mind raced through the impossibilities.....How would I get 2 days off?, How would I get my money out of the safe in the volunteer office at 9am when we don't have access until 7pm? When would I pack? HOW would I pack? Everyone had a back pack but oh...not ME, I brought a piece of American Tourister luggage on wheels to Israel!!! Have you ever tried to travel with a suit case on wheels through Israel? No? Oh but you simply MUST. You will never forget the experience.
So anyway, Charlotte told me not to think about why I couldn't go but to think about how I could make it happen.

I relaxed, put on my "big girl pants" and went to my volunteer leader and apologized for interrupting his breakfast. I asked for the next 2 days off and he granted that request. He was also happy to open the safe for me to get out my money right after breakfast. Charlotte helped me pack in my small school back pack and put the rest of my stuff in her huge I am not American so I know how to travel back pack! She was awesome! I still laugh about the memories from that day and our unbelievably fun and exciting trip to Jericho! Thanks, Charlotte!

So it is with this attitude in mind that I started my own blog. I hope my friends who are continents away will read this and feel connected to me. My dearest Charlotte, who I miss and don't hear from enough. I hope you will read this and keep in touch with me more often. My "petal" Karen who I also lived with in Israel and love to pieces. She taught me what friendship is all about. She currently lives in England but is planning to move to Canada next year. We will practically be neighbors. My wonderful friend, Liane aka "Belle" who is currently in South Korea but will be moving again soon. Where the heck is Timbuktu anyways? I can't even remember where the next move will take her and her family.

So this is the end of my first post. I will use this blog to vent which is what I do best! and to share funny stories and probably some ramblings thrown in for fun.
I hope to hear from you!


Jess said...

Yay for Robin! Another blog to add to my list of check-every-day sites!!!

Suggestions: photos! I've heard so much about Lillianna that I'd love to see what she looks like!

Rachel Ann said...


Welcome Robyn! This is so fun and addicting isn't it? Great first post. I am so happy we have met.

Marcia said...

I always forget that Timbuktu is a real place. It's where my mom always threatened to send me when I was bad... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear friend in the states...Thanks a lot for the wonderful words..That trip to Israel sure did change at lot in our lifes...And made a friendship forever.
I wrote you a "Tillykke med fødselsdagen"-mail febr. the 9. Didn't you get it?
Well this was just a little shorte note.
Love you...
Big huggs from
Charlotte in Denmark

Anonymous said...

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