Sunday, June 20, 2004

Make up your damn mind, already!!

I read something this morning in Reader's Digest that totally made me want to scream. Apparently there is a new title for "vegetarians" who like to eat meat. I had thought those were the people who didn't eat meat. Silly me.

I wouldn't call them anything at all. Would you? I eat meat and vegetables. I always have. You don't hear me going around calling myself an omnivore.That's what I am but I keep it to myself. Is it important to announce it to the public? However, for those "vegetarians" who have now decided to eat meat too there is a new title......."FLEXITARIANS!" Can you believe this? Are you a vegetarian or aren't you? Make up your damn mind!

Now I have nothing against anyone's beliefs at all. My dear friend Cheryl is a vegan and for her it is a decision based on her belief that it is not right to eat animals. She doesn't make me feel like a jerk if she is eating a salad and I am gnawing on a cow in front of her. We respect each other's right to choose what to eat.
Now if at some point Cheryl's view changes and she decides that a plate of sirloin tips is just what she needs then she will not be calling herself a vegan. Why? BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A LUNATIC, THAT'S WHY!!

The person who came up with flexitarian is an idiot. Why does everything need a damn title? You eat meat and vegetables?....well good for you. I personally am on a low carb diet. Am I a lowcarbian? Do I need to call myself something? Do you all have to know what my personal food choices are? If so, WHY?
Knowing someone is a vegan is important because their food choices are quite different. If we are eating together I do not want to make a meat sauce for our pasta. That would be inconsiderate and downright rude. What is this obsession with having a name for everything?

What do you consider yourself to be? Make up any title and let me know!


AGK said...

CRAZY. That's my title. Oh, you meant, what, food-wise? EATER? LOL

Drama Queen said...

Oh boy. I'm with ya on the people being idiots who insist on being called that. If you eat meat too, then you're just average. Don't try to cling to the coat tails of the vegetarian movement. Ugh. I have the utmost respect for vegetarians (I would be one if I had more will power), but to want to be a part of that movement without actually NOT EATING MEAT is nuts. Ugh ugh ugh. I'm so with you on this.