Friday, June 11, 2004

Boggled by blogs

I am still trying to put my favorite blog links on the side here but even though Jess sent me the formula, it hasn't been working! Dotmoms won't appear at all. Baby tails has been successful although it runs into chez miscarriage and won't be separated no matter how hard I try. They are BOTH waaaaaay at the bottom for some unknown reason. They were happily on the side earlier today.

How difficult can this be? As Rich always says, "What am I? A CHIMP?" Why can't I do this? I already played around with the links for one hour this morning. Now it's time to pay some bills and get ready for Lillianna's dress rehearsal at 3:00pm. Did I mention I don't have the charger for the video recorder battery? I didn't? Well now I have. Who knows where the heck it is?

I will take lots of pictures and scrap book them instead of the video. So I stink as a mom. What else is new? I suppose I can buy the grainy DVD they take at the recital. Lillianna will look like an ant in a tutu! The video people are clueless. They don't understand that we would actually like to see our child's face!

There was no real reason for this post other than I am frustrated and oh ya FRUSTRATED!

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. How could working for 14 hours not be fun??

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