Tuesday, June 15, 2004

How did I get hooked on another reality show?

When this year's American Idol started Rich made me sit with him to watch the auditions. I had never seen Idol 1 or 2 but it sounded rather boring. People sing for hours? Who cares?
I sat through all the crazy people who couldn't carry a tune and when it was time for the "real" contest to begin, Rich wasn't interested anymore. He only likes the audtions. I said, "Listen YOU....I sat through the screamers and screechers for you. Now I want to watch the contest!"

So we watched and watched and I cheered for LaToya who we were sure would be our next American Idol. Even after she was cut and I wanted to turn off the tv we still continued to watch. I was aggravated that Fantasia won because her voice gets on my nerves.
I vowed to never watch another reality tv show. I can't stand being so involved in TV!

Rich was out tonight so I flipped through the channels looking for something good to watch. "Last Comic Standing" caught my eye. Damn if it's not ANOTHER REALITY TV SHOW! Ya I watched it for an hour tonight and I was happy with 4 of the 5 top picks. It's on tomorrow night while I am at work. I wonder if Rich will watch it for me!

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emily said...

I am addicted to reality shows as well.Maybe we need to start RTVA(Reality T.V. Anon.)lol
Hi,I'm Emily....