Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Listen to your parents!

Rich came home from work with an interesting story yesterday.He works with a 17 year old boy whose parents went to Cape Cod for a week for a vacation. He is home with his 19 year old brother and 12 year old sister. The one thing their dad said before he left was
"Do not drive my new truck!" Their dad is 47 years old and he had JUST BOUGHT his first new vehicle.

So, the 17 year old gets a call yesterday morning from his 19 year old brother. He told him the police had him because he had a car accident and he had to go pick him up. The 17 year old was still asleep and thought this was a joke. He looked out the window and told his brother he could see his car in the street so he was going back to sleep. His brother said, "I didn't take MY car. I took DAD'S car!" He looked in the garage and sure enough Dad's brand new truck was gone....gone!!

Apparently the 19 year old ran a red light and had an accident and TOTALED his dad's truck! Now he's afraid to tell his dad. HMMMMMM.....I wonder why that is?

So kids, listen to your parents and when they say not to do something...DON'T DO IT!!

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