Friday, July 02, 2004

A Punk Rock Band

Even when I was a teenager and punk rock was all the rage, I didn't like it. I was more an "Air Supply" kind of girl. I sang along with the beautiful melodies about love gone wrong and lost love.

I didn't know why punk rockers were so gosh darn angry all the time. Clearly they had issues. Perhaps a family counselor could have helped them? Why were they always yelling? Was their hearing somehow lacking?

Well, tonight when I finished working at THE HOSPITAL at 11:00pm I headed over to the club down the street. I haven't been "clubbing" since the early 90's so don't think I have started a new trend. I am still the old fuddy duddy I have always been. My friend, Kristy's son Brian came home to visit for a week. He is 26 years old and he used to be in a punk rock band called The Suburban Rejects. I had heard the band practicing in the garage years ago but I had never heard them really perform.

Brian's step-brother, Pete used to be in the band with him but when Brian took off suddenly to the west coast 2 years ago, Pete joined a new band called 12 Cent. Both bands were playing at this nearby club. Kristy asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to stop by.I didn't think I would actually do it. I am so glad that I did.

I remember my first rock concert in the 80's. I went to see The Cars in Boston Garden. They sucked!! They literally stood on stage and played each song. I remember being surprised and saying to my date, "They sound better on my album!" He looked like he was going to kill me so I kept quiet but I was very disappointed.

The Suburban Rejects and 12 Cent did not have this problem. They were obviously playing for the sheer joy of it. I have no idea what the heck they were shouting about but the tunes were great. Oh sure, they yelled alot of F$%# yous and who knows what else but they were clearly having such a great time I just laughed. Brian's old band mates were happy to have Brian back in the fold if only temporarily. The bad blood that was once between them when Brian left for the west coast was gone. It was just the old gang happy to be reunited once again.
Boyhood friends stopping time. I enjoyed myself so much. The comedic banter in between and during their songs made me laugh. These are funny guys who love to perform. Who knew I would attend my first punk rock concert at the age of 41?

Thanks to The Suburban Rejects and 12 Cent for putting on an awesome show! To Brian and Pete I just have this to say: You have a lot of talent! It was amazing watching you sing and laugh and just go crazy.
So should I be dying my hair blue now?

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