Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Your Life Can't Be Worse Than This

I was just passing by my bedroom when I overheard the t.v.(I leave both t.v.s on when I am home cleaning so I don't miss anything!)
Judge Hatchett was on. I didn't get the whole thing but there was a husband and wife who wanted a divorce. (Why weren't they on Divorce Court with Judge Mablean?)

It seems these two lovely people had met when they worked at a Carnival! Ah, the perfect place for drunk, toothless,tattooed people to meet! Romance at it's finest.But the husband got mad when the wife had an affair with Bobo the clown! Bobo the clown!! That sounds like a match made in heaven! The wife denies this. THEN it gets worse....(Hey Justine if you are reading this you will enjoy the next part because it's just the trash you enjoy on the other blogs.)

This loving couple then moved to Kentucky and they were homeless. Since the dear devoted husband was a janitor at a "peep show" he decided to get his wife a job there as a stripper. She took her clothes off for $1 (Yes, that is ONE U.S. Dollar, folks!) while she stood in a glass boxed room while people watched her. At the end of 12 hours her janitor/carnie/loser husband came to take her tips and leave her a box of Cheez-Itz!
I wouldn't strip for Cheez-Itz! Not even Doritos!

When you are feeling bad about your life for whatever reason, just remember,it could be worse.THIS could be your life. Who am I kidding? This could never be our life! The DNA test just came back and the husband is NOT the father of their child.I was shocked, I tell you! If the child has a red, round, squeaky nose and large floppy shoes I bet I can guess who the real father is.
Any one else want to guess?

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