Sunday, July 25, 2004

Flashback to the 80's

This will mean more to those of you who were born in the early 1970's and before.

Today Lillianna spent some time with her favorite Auntie Kara! When I went to pick her up after work, Lillianna asked Kara if she could take home the cool CD that they had been listening to. Of course Kara said she could. It was labeled "HIP HOP."

I didn't know why my child was interested in this music until I put it on in the car. It was all the songs Kara loved as a teenager. I remember those years well. At the age of 27 I was listening to hits from the 50's and 60's while my 15 year old sister sang along to "Funky Cold Medina." Oh ya, we were and always will be opposite.

So I put the CD in and immediately recognized the rap/hip hop version of "Walk This Way." I started to sing along. This song has been around forever. Lillianna gasped from the back seat. "How do you know this song, Mommy?" It's always such a kick when you freak your kid out with something like this.
The next song was "Bust A Move." I remember when Kara's cheerleading squad did a half-time routine to that song. This CD was so cool.

Lillianna was getting impatient."Mom, please skip it to #14. That's the song I know all the words to." So I did. The song came bursting through the speakers. "OH -MY- GOD -BECKY. LOOK AT HER BUTT. IT IS SO BIG. SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE RAP GUY'S GIRLFRIENDS......THEY ONLY TALK TO HER CUZ SHE LOOKS LIKE A TOTAL PROSTITUTE........"

If I hadn't been driving, I might have fallen on the floor. How could I have forgotten the words to this song? My precious angel was saying this right along with the song. The only saving grace was that she is totally clueless as to what she is saying. She absolutely loves this CD. I haven't listened to it all yet but I will. I long for the days when we sang The Wiggles hit tune, "Fruit salad. yummy yummy...."

What kind of music do your kids listen to?

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