Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Smoking ban lifted for DNC

Rich was ranting last night about the smoking ban being lifted in Boston during the Democratic National Convention. I begged Rich to write this post on my blog since he was so passionate about this subject but he declined. So, I will tackle it.

Rich said that originally when the bill was being passed, the argument was, that the workers in the restaurants and bars were victims of second hand smoke which was bad for them. If you agree that is true, then why is the second hand smoke from the DNC not bad for the workers? Why is their smoke not as damaging?
Whether the smoke is blown in their face or up their butts, it's still smoke!

Why are politicians always above the law? Granted we live in Kennedy-ville USA where you can kill a girl and still go on to have a great political career without any punishment but where will it end?

Do you think the DNC should abide by the law while they are in Boston or do you think they are above the law, the way that they obviously do?

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