Thursday, July 15, 2004

Out Damn Spot!

I am getting tired of hand washing our clothes to get out the spots that won't come out in the regular laundry. We use a normal detergent although I have switched around over the years just to see if there was something better. All detergents seem to be the same.

Sometimes I put a stain-free shirt in the laundry and it comes back with some type of oil stain. Is there a secret stain committee that slides cups of oil into our washing machine just to mock us? Where do the stains come from? Should my clothes be coming out of the laundry dirtier than when they went in?

I have invested in the Clorox Bleach stick so that I can fix all the white clothing and that seems to work but what can I do about the oil stains that appear from nowhere? The Shout stick doesn't seem to do much.

I welcome all helpful laundry tips.

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