Sunday, July 04, 2004

Lani Diane Rich

Sometimes I start off at DotMoms and browse through everyone's blog. Then I hop onto the blogs each Dotmom recommends. Sometimes I end up a million steps away from Dotmoms and I am not quite sure how I ended up there. I don't believe there are any mistakes when it comes to fate so when I found myself on Lani Diane Rich's blog I just settled in and began reading.

I found Lani to be completely fascinating. I have read many blogs lately but the writing just drew me in. Then she talked about the book she had written. I surfed around until I found the site where I could read the 1st chapter in her book that will be available in October 2004. The book is called Time Off For Good Behavior and it is awesome! grab a cup of coffee and read this wonderful first chapter.

I am planning on making Lani my new favorite author. Move over Nora Roberts. You have some serious competition.

So do yourself a favor and head on over to Lani's website. Then dash back over here and tell me how much you loved it! October seems too long to wait to read the rest of this fantastic book. Doesn't she know I am impatient??

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