Sunday, July 11, 2004

Color Blind

Lillianna has quite a collection of dolls. Of course she has the typical Barbie dolls and all Barbie's friends. Then she has 2 "Barbie-like" sports dolls that come with passports and stories about their travels:one plays soccer, the other plays basketball. She has an American Girl Doll and a Hopscotch Hill doll, not to mention various baby dolls. We choose the dolls that interest her. Their skin color and ethnicity are irrelevent. I don't point out which "group" each doll belongs in because it's just not important to either one of us.

My Mom and John have made comments over the years about Lillianna's dolls. "What kind of doll is this? This isn't a white doll!" They kind of joke about it but I wonder why they feel it's necessary to point it out? Lillianna once answered that question with, "That's Nakia. She plays basketball and her passport says she has a dog named Hoops! Isn't that funny, Nana? She has a dog named Hoops. Get it?" My Mom just looked over at me. What can I say? Lillianna has really cool dolls!

What kind of dolls do your kids play with?

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