Sunday, July 04, 2004

A depressed tarantula?

I believe in many things. I do not believe in pet psychics. "I see Fluffy is acting aloof. She likes her 'alone' time. She comes and goes as she pleases." Ya know why? She is a damn cat that's why! How do you challenge a pet psychic? "Meow...meooooooow.....MEowwwwww!" "What Fluffy? You didn't say that? This woman is a fraud?.....Be gone you charlatan! My Fluffy says you are a big fat liar!"

Let's get real here, people! It is with this thought in mind that I present you with the story of the depressed tarantula. It seems a tarantula was found in an auto body shop somewhere in Massachusetts. They are guessing it made it's journey in an auto parts box that came from Florida. So, one of the workers put the hairy specimen in a cup and took it to the veterinarian. Brilliant minds looked the arachnid over and proclaimed that the tarantula was quite dehydrated and severely depressed!

How do you really know when a tarantula is depressed? How many years of education does such a thing require? How do you prove such a thing? Better yet, how do you dispute it?

"What do you mean, he's depressed? He just had a free trip up here. He should be happy! I will go buy him an ice cream cone and then we will go to the movies. That'll perk him up!"

If anyone has the answers I would appreciate hearing from you.

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