Friday, July 23, 2004

Not Such a Bad Day, Afterall

Today started out as the day from hell. I woke up congested and exhausted which didn't put me in the happy mood I was supposed to be in to deal with our health insurance company.....again!
The only way I can explain the drastic changes that were made is to ask you to imagine I am talking about your VISA card. You know how every year or so they send you a new one but everything is the same except for the expiration date? Well let's say VISA changed a lot of things but didn't bother to tell you. Instead of paying 9% interest, you are now paying 24%. Then you try to charge something in your favorite clothing store but at the check out they tell you they don't accept your card anymore.

When you call VISA to complain they say,"Well that was on your old card!" If you want to charge at that store you have to call the old VISA card account number. We can't process that here. I can transfer you." Then you are put on hold for 15 minutes and no one picks up. You call back the main number and go through all the "press 1" prompts until finally someone answers. You go through the whole saga again and this operator asks, "So how can I help you with this?" And on and on it goes.

It was quite frustrating. In the end Rich said he would take all our paperwork to work with him next week and let his boss figure this all out.

Basically I wanted to stay in today and rest and sleep and forget about all this crap. When I talked to my sister she said, "Just go to the pool and forget about everything else." That's what we did.

Lillianna and I spent 3 hours swimming. We had the most wonderful time laughing and jumping (I was tossing her, she was jumping)and swimming. It felt so good to just relax. I hugged her and said, "Thanks for making this day so much fun." She kissed me and said, "Well I knew you were sad, Mommy."
It turned out to be a great day!

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