Monday, July 26, 2004

Welcome to our home....Please don't trip on the clutter!

When Rich and I were first married our apartment was always clean. We both worked 40 hours a week so we weren't ever home. Maybe that was the key.
Since Lillianna was born our place of residence has always been cluttered. Whether it was our old house which had plenty of space or our current apartment which isn't so big, there was always stuff in transit with no place to actually go.

Lillianna's room is always a hazard. When you enter her room you are immediately faced with the huge cardboard box that she brought her stuffed dog Kayleigh home in. Kayleigh is from "Build a bear." Kayleigh also has a cardboard armoire for her clothes. If you can walk past all this and still not trip on the CD player then you are home free.

I wish I could say that Lillianna is the reason everything is a mess but the truth is we all contribute. My life is chaotic and I wish our home was immaculate and completely in order pick up when I can and Rich cleans on the weekends while I am at work. I just wish things were clean every single day.

I know quite a few people who clean their house every day and not one thing is out of place........Ever!! I wish that were me. I guess I have to wait until I can afford a housekeeper. In my dreams.

Are you a cleaner?

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