Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Last Comic Standing.......How did this happen?

So Ant and Gary went head to head tonight on Last Comic Standing. Rich and I were sitting on the couch watching this new addiction of mine when Lillianna came in and plopped down next to me.

We watched as Gary did his act first. He was funnier than usual but we barely broke out into a smile. Then Ant came onstage. The three of us were laughing hysterically. Ant is just a funny guy no matter what you may think of him personally. The whole "alliance" thing in the house is too similar to SURVIVOR. I want people judged on their talent alone not their ability to form an alliance.

So it was clear to us that Ant was going to win this one and Gary would be sent packing. When it was announced that the winner won by a 73% vote, all I could think of was "That's all?" I thought Ant would've won by a landslide! Thank G-d Lillianna was lying on my lap otherwise I would've fallen off the couch when Jay pointed to Gary as the winner!! Gary? Gary? He wasn't even funny!

I have got to stop watching these damn shows!

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