Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Just in time!

Today John was taken to a hospital in Boston for some tests. Yesterday he was told "something was brewing" and boy oh boy that something was blocked arteries.Apparently the first artery had a 95% blockage. He was rushed into surgery for what was supposed to be a triple bypass but turned into a quadruple bypass! The surgery started at 4:00pm and I finally heard from Mom after 10:00pm saying he got through it. The doctors still wanted Mom and John's family to stay for 2 more hours "just in case." I hate that phrase. They said it was a serious surgery and you just never know what could happen.
When the doctor did the testing this morning he told John that if he had waited one more day he would've died! It was a good thing Mom took him to the hospital yesterday! It's a real good thing!


Rachel Ann said...

Refuah Shelamah to him Robin, He should recover completely and soon! Thank G-d your mother got him to the hospital in time! I hope he will be home soon...

Rachel Ann

AGK said...

OMG! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear they wenbt to the hospital. I hope everything turns OK. How scarry.


Robin said...

Hope everything continues to look good for Papa. I wonder if these things happen to remind us of how fine a line divides the living and the dead. Your story really made me appreciate the ones I love.