Friday, June 25, 2004

128 years ago today

June 25, 1876.....that was the day George Custer died at The Little Big Horn. How do I know this? Rich is a huge Custer fan. We have a giant lithograph of Custer hanging in our living room. When Lillianna was younger she thought he was a relative! His picture is the biggest one in the house so OF COURSE she thought he was someone special.

Rich has admired Custer's strength and ability as a leader even though there have been many controversial things said over the years about him. Rich knows just about everything regarding Custer's life so that spills into my life and whether I want to or not I ended up learning history! It's a good thing too, since I didn't learn a bit of history in high school!

There will be a very special toy soldier show in Boston next year and Rich will be painting the battle of The Little Big Horn to enter in a competition. I think Custer would be proud! I know Lillianna and I are very proud of Rich and his painting talent.

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AGK said...

That's nothing! 28 years and 364 days ago, *I* was born! ;)