Monday, June 14, 2004

A Kibbutz in America?

I wish someone would start a kibbutz in America. I miss that life so much.I know there is a war going on in Israel so there is no chance of me getting back there any time soon. I think the kibbutz life was a great way for a family to connect. That is what is lacking in my life: time to enjoy my husband and daughter on a daily basis.

When I lived on the kibbutz I had an Israeli friend named Tammi. She and her husband Jackie lived in the city when they were first married. Then Adam was born. Jackie got up before Tammi every morning and went to work. Tammi got up,dressed and fed Adam and dropped him off at day care on her way to work. She worked until 5pm and then picked Adam up, went food shopping for dinner and went home. She bathed and fed Adam and put him to bed. At 7pm Jackie came home and he had dinner with Tammi and then they both fell asleep exhausted. They worked hard for the things they wanted:cars,clothes,nights out,vacations. Finally they were sick of that life and moved to the kibbutz.

A typical kibbutz day had the same components but the feeling and the outcome were quite different.
Jackie went to work at 4:30am in the optical lens factory. Tammi went to work at 6:00am in the dining room. At 8:00am they both met at the childrens' house where Adam slept and spent his day with other children his age. They spent 15 minutes saying good morning and helping Adam with his breakfast. Then the couple headed off to the main dining room to eat breakfast TOGETHER. At 9:00am they went back to their jobs. Both of them ended their work day by 2:00pm! They had 2 free hours before picking Adam up at his "house." Most people napped during that time due to the severe heat.

At 4:00pm they picked up Adam and had until 9:00pm to bond as a family.They had the option of making dinner in their own house or eating in the main dining room where dinner was already prepared. They had five hours every day to relax and enjoy one another. FIVE HOURS! I don't know if I have had five hours to enjoy my family this week! That seems like a dream come true!

Rich and I are running around working all the time and no matter what we do it doesn't seem to be enough.
I would love to try out the kibbutz life and see what it's like now that I am married. I know that life isn't perfect but it sure sounds better than the frantic race for the almighty dollar!

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