Friday, June 18, 2004

I hate stupid people!

Lillianna and I had a million errands to do today. I thought we would be out for 3 hours or less but 6 1/2 hours later we were finally headed home.

I pulled out of the mall and tried to merge into the traffic without being killed. I inched forward slowly and then the traffic stopped although the light up ahead was green. As I approached the gas station, a huge white truck/van looked like it was going to pull out suddenly in front of me. Since I was stopped in front of the gas station entrance anyways, I decided not to move until the white truck/van crossed the road.

The Bitch in the white Lexus in back of me beeped furiously.
I looked in my rear view mirror at her, gestured wildly and yelled "What are you, A MORON?" I mean seriously, what the heck did she want me to do? If I tried to get by the white truck, he would've plowed into the right side of my car. The truck was twice the size of my Toyota Camry! It looked like it would eat my car as an appetizer.

So how would that have made the Bitch any happier? If the truck and I collided the Bitch would've been stuck behind me forever as we filled out info for our insurance, right?

It was smooth driving for about 5 minutes until I turned down a long road and saw an ambulance coming my way. I looked in my mirror and the car behind me was about 6 car lengths away. I put on my directional and pulled over to the side of the road to let the ambulance by.
The car behind me whizzed right by, as did the car behind that one!

What is wrong with these people? AN AMBULANCE IS APPROACHING! I was happy when the ambulance made it's honking sound at the two cars for not pulling over. Why would you not pull over for an ambulance? Why? Why? Why?

So to all the stupid people I encountered on the road today......Try to use a little common sense. The life you save may be your own or mine and my daughter's. Drive responsibly!

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