Friday, December 02, 2005

Two doctors' appointments

Well,I've been busy. I saw my primary care physician yesterday.I'll refer to him as Dr.B and I saw the GI doctor,Dr.K today.

Dr. B said my triglycerides are in the 300's now which is so much better than the 3,000 reading I got in the hospital. My blood sugar runs between the 120's and 160's which he is happy with for now but hopes it will eventually be under 120. He is pleased with my diet and exercise and referred me to a diabetic counselor so that I could learn more about what I can eat. I kind of have a fear of foods right now and I will only eat certain things so he thinks that if I learn more, I will be more comfortable trying new foods.

I had gone to urgent care right before my trip because I had that 8 week old cough and for some reason they weighed me. I asked Dr.B what I weighed at that appointment and then I did the math. I must've lost 11 pounds while I was in the chips for 4 days will do that to ya and I have lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks since I have been home,so that's 19 pounds. Gee,I only need to lose another 81 pounds.....woohoo! Dr.B was pleased with this too. So,I got a good report from him.

Today,I saw Dr.K. He is affiliated with Dr.B so he had my chart. Here is a bit of our conversation.

Dr.K: Your triglycerides are too high. They're in the 300's.

Me: Yes,but Dr.B said that was ok since they were 3,000 in the hospital.

Dr.K:(His mouth dropped open and he stared at me) Did you say 3,000?
Me: Yes.

Dr.K: I don't think that's right.(He flipped through the chart again.) Are you sure?

Me: Yes. I am quite sure. The doctors in the hospital were surprised too.

Dr.K:(He looked at me so strangely and said...) Wow! 3,000! People die from that.

Me: Yes I know. People keep telling me that.

He kept shaking his head and flipping through the chart. It was like he couldn't believe I survived. Sometimes I wonder about that too.....but here I am!!

In the end,Dr.K said he thought Dr.B was doing all the right things for me but he wants me to call him next Friday. He said,"I want to research this more deeply and make sure I am doing everything that I can for you." Sounds good to me.

So,all in all,I think I turned out ok after all this. Tuesday night,I will return to work. Hopefully I will get back into some type of routine and feel "normal" again......Whatever that means.

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