Wednesday, January 26, 2005

When praise is not helpful.

Suzanne wrote a post at DotMoms about praising our children's talent.
That got me thinking. I definitely agree that we should encourage our children in whatever they do because in a child's mind, he/she can succeed if their parents say they can. If mom looks at her child's drawing and says,"What the heck is that thing? What a messy paper!" that child believes he is an artistic failure and may never draw for pleasure again. If Dad covers his ears while his child is giving a concert in the living room,that child may never feel comfortable singing in public again.

Children dream of many things and I for one wouldn't think of squashing Lillianna's hopes for the future. All talent involves practice so the more a child practices the better he becomes at that task. It's quite simple.

This brings me to the American Idol try-outs. Are these tone deaf performers a product of parents who told them they could do anything? As adults, are they so used to hearing empty praise from friends and family that they aren't even aware that their horrendous singing is torturing everyone within earshot?

I think kids who love to sing or dance deserve praise but I wouldn't want to see someone I know,screeching out a tune on national t.v. and being made the butt of Simon Cowell's joke, you know?
What do you think?

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