Friday, January 07, 2005

Barnyard noises

Most days I dread styling Lillianna's hair. No matter what conditioner or detangler I use, she always screams when I get to a snarl. I have tried many kinds of brushes, combs and picks but the end result is yelling and screaming. Some days I expect DSS to knock at my door asking,

"Are you killing a child in here?"

"Uhm, no. I am just putting my daugter's hair in a ponytail.Doesn't she look pretty? This is a new scrunchie,too. What a cutie!"

Today after her shower, I sprayed detangler on her hair and began combing with a large toothed pick.


And so it began. In desperation I said, "Look, you can make all the noise you want but you have to moo like a cow."

Lillianna laughed and when I got to the next snarl she yelled.

"NO! You have to moo!" I chuckled.

Lillianna couldn't stop laughing but she did moo in between hysterical giggling fits.

"Oh Mommy. You're so funny."

Well, before we knew it her hair was snarl free and we weren't tense and stressed and crying like we usually are. This strategy worked for today and maybe it will work again tomorrow. Who knows? Perhaps I will make her cluck like a chicken next.

How do you change a difficult situation into something fun?

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