Friday, January 14, 2005

What do I get for 50 bucks?

Last summer, my doctor recommended that I use Rhinocort nasal spray every day to help with my congestion. He didn't like how much Sudafed I was taking and he thought this would be a better approach. When I went to pick up the prescription I nearly fainted when I was told it cost $30. I paid the price but I was horrified. This will cost over $300 a year just so I can have clear nasal passages. Once that bottle was empty, I never refilled it.

Today I just couldn't take the congestion anymore. The over the counter saline spray hasn't been working.I called the pharmacy and reluctantly refilled my Rhinocort. As one of my co-workers pointed out,my health is certainly worth $30 a month. Ok, fine.
I picked up the prescription and the price showed $50. Fifty dollars! Fifty U.S.Dollars!! The woman in the pharmacy said, "The price went up and it's really expensive. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to take it." I had to think about that and then I decided I am not spending $600 a year for a nasal spray that only lasts around 3 weeks at the most. I decided to call my doctor on Monday and talk about alternatives.

In the meanwhile I have been thinking about what I would expect from this nasal spray if I paid $50 a month for it.
For that amount of money, I want an good looking doctor to appear in my bedroom right before bed and say, "Lay down dear and I will administer your nasal medication for you. Ok, here we go. *spray* Ah, now that's one nostril. *spray* And there's the other one. Now take a breath. Better? Now I am going to sing you a lullaby for your relaxing enjoyment. Have a good night and sleep tight. See you tomorrow."

Yup, that's what I expect for my 50 bucks! What would you expect for $50 medication?

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