Monday, January 03, 2005

Boys will be boys

This morning, while I was waiting to drop Lillianna off at school, I noticed a huge puddle on the walkway right where she gets out. There were 3 cars ahead of me at the circle so that gave me time to warn her.

"Try to walk around that puddle, Lillianna, ok?"

"Sure, Mom"

I watched the kids carefully maneuver around the water.Just then I noticed Lillianna's friend Kyle and his older brother, Sean, getting out of their dad's car.
Sean walked on the outer edge of the puddle but Kyle, without hesitation, sloshed right in the middle of the puddle. When he reached the dry ground, she shook each leg to rid himself of the excess water. Then he looked at his feet as if to say, "Hmmmm, I wonder how I got wet!"

I burst out laughing. That kid just cracks me up every time.

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