Saturday, January 29, 2005

Compliment or insult? You decide.

This was posted on The New York Times about blogging parents.I think it makes us sound like self absorbed,narcissistic people who couldn't care less about our children.Apparently we write about our mundane and boring existence to get attention from other boring and self absorbed parents. Who knew? I thought I started my blog because I enjoy writing. I didn't start out being a mommy blog but I am a mother and I write about my life. Why aren't I considered a wife blog? I certainly write enough about Rich.

On the one hand, Dotmoms was mentioned in the article and it is definitely cool to have a blog I write for mentioned in The New York Times. I just wish the writer had more respect for what we do. The final comment in the article was,

And of course the more parents blog, the less likely they are to get the attention and validation they seem to crave. "If every parent in the world has a blog, then maybe it really will be about the child rather than the parent," Ms. Waldman said. "Because at that point the child is the only one who's going to read it."

I print out many of my posts and keep them in a binder for Lillianna. She reads my blog everyday unless I tell her I wrote about something that I don't want her to read.She likes to check out Dotmoms twice a month when I have written for that website. She isn't traumatized because I write about her. One day she said, "Well, I see you wrote about me again." Surprised, I asked,"Does that bother you?"
"No,"she explained,"But now I want to write about you." I laughed and said,"Go right ahead." Here is Lillianna's post.

Please read the article and let me know if you thought it was a compliment or insult.
I am voting for insult!

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